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Does size matter?

Hmmm, does penis size matter? That’s the question one of the ‘commenters’ on this blog wants us to answer. Before I can really answer this question I need to think of some of the different penises I have been involved with in the past and compare and contrast ‘performance’ with size.

The first penis that comes to mind belongs to Juan. Juan is Cuban, a hot salsa dancer and has the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. I am not joking or exaggerating when I say the length was a good 12 inches and the girth about 9 inches. I tell you the first time I saw that ‘monster’ I wanted to run. I though shit, what the f*ck have I let myself in for. However, we were past the point of no return, I couldn’t very well turn around say ‘Sorry, I have changed my mind because you have a monster of a dick’. To my eternal surprise, sex with Juan wasn’t torturous. In fact, it was the opposite. Before proceeding to ‘main play’ Juan would go down on me and not come up for air until I had come three times! Somehow ‘main play’ afterwards was just fine.

Now I would like to compare Juan with Bola, a Nigerian brethren. Before I met Juan I thought Bola had a huge penis…sex with him was sometimes uncomfortable depending on the position we were in. Sometimes I would be like ‘Ow, ow,ow…’ Bola is one of those brothers who liked to perform sexual acrobatics in bed. I would barely get comfortable in one position and then he would want to flip me into a different position. I really liked Bola as a person but when it came to sex he didn’t really rock my world. My conclusion was that he was a selfish lover who cared more for his orgasm than he did for mine.

In my humble opinion the vast majority of brothers are very much average sized when it comes to penis size. What makes the difference to me is the effort the guy puts into pleasuring me. If he puts ‘his back into it’, then the size of the penis makes little difference to me. If I have to choose I will pick Mr Average over Mr Small or Mr Big. How about you? Does size matter to you? Guys, do you feel paranoid about the size of your penis? Has a woman ever complained or given you cause for concern about the size of your penis?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is something soooooo sexy about a guy who can dance!!!!! And then he’s Cuban???!!!!
    Yeah i think some guys feel that once they possess a big one then end of story. Not quite. Read and learn guys. Read and learn……

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll pick average over small or big. It’s about tools and techniques. I think some big-sized men rely a bit too heavily on the the tools and are lacking in technique. I may be over generalising but they have this if-i’m-giving-u-this-big-dick,-what-more-do-u-want attitude that is completely off-putting.

  3. novisi says:

    first, i don’t know the length… i’m going to get a measuring tape!

    second, i wonder how you would believe what i tell you…

    but seriously that one measuring 12 by 9 for juan is really mind blowing… the 12 is not the problem for me but the 9 measure surely is one kind of a width…


  4. Nana says:

    Anon – Yep, I have to admit for a bit of a soft spot for Cuban guys, I have to confess that my initial sexual encounter with Juan was in the middle of a dance lesson…

    Anon 2 – Ditto about tools and techniques

    Novisi – hahaha…feel free to share once you get the tape measure LOL!

  5. Anonymous says:

    YES YES YES. Size DOES matter. And trust me when I say so. I once had sex with this guy whose dick was so small I swear I felt his pinky in me better than I felt his dick in me. I mean what kind of action can I expect with tools like that?!?!? He was very good with his tongue though, and willingly went down on me even before I could ask. He was the first time I reached orgasm through oral sex. He didnt even ask for me to return the favor — I think he was well aware of his situation. But even with his tongue skills, that was the last time I had sex with him. As much as I enjoyed the tongue-action, there was no way I was going to give up good-sized dicks for it. I love the feeling of hardened muscle thrusting against the walls of my insides waayyyyy too much.

    P.S. I’m the same person who suggested you write a blog on having sex while someone else watches or perhaps joins in. Will call myself Athena from now on 🙂

  6. Nana says:

    Hahahah Athena, it’s good to have one for the ‘size matters’ school of thought. Until you came along I think everyone else was saying it’s all about the technique. A difference in opinion is refreshing!

  7. Kaye says:

    I must say that my preference now is strictly girth over length ( where length is a minimum average 7). LOL If only men came with their sizes pasted on their foreheads… the elemination process would be so much easier. I’d say about a guy who is playing day-nursery games “ooh this guy too what is his problem, after all he is only a 6”. LOL

  8. Nana says:

    Kaye, we hear you! That’s one for the “girth” team

  9. Guruool says:

    What abt shape? I have noticed some are curved slightly.

  10. Mike says:

    Size matters. Length matters most. Better to have it than not.
    Just in case you are with a woman that is small, you can ease off. If you are with a woman that needs to feel you hit the walls, you are right there!

  11. Nana Darkoa says:

    Just re-read this post thanks to a convo with a potential future lover and realised what a huge TYPO is in this post. Juan was not 12 x 9. I meant 12 x 3. 9 inches of girth? I don’t think that even exists

  12. Interesting… how about writing about how the convo with potential future lover led to discussion of penile size?

    that sounds like quite a conversation.

    by the way, I really don’t think a woman could take a 12″ all the way. Where would it go? Vaginas have a pretty definite capacity. If you did, then I have a newfound respect for you…

    and I think this complex about penis size is overblown…

  13. LoisLagos says:

    I love a big dick but I have to say I have had great experiences with average sized men…actually fantastic experiences because they made an effort to please me in creative ways not just with their willies. I’ve been lucky not to have an encountered a tiny tool yet but I recently had encounters with a chap whose penis was slightly below average (not tiny just not average). He started offer so well….so keen and then just became complacent…I started to resent him and his pencil dick *sorry flash back of our final encounter*. Needless to say I’m not going back there again. Average dick + creative mind + friendly tongue = WINNER

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