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Re: With Love from the XVIII International Aids Conference in Vienna

I’m currently attending the XVIII International Aids Conference in Vienna and came across these great images (at least I think they are).

Oops, somehow I caught my reflection in this picture hence the strange orangey/reddish tinge


P.S: I did think to myself, I wish Nana Kofi was here to take these pictures for me 🙂

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Published on: 19 July 2010 by in Sex education

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  1. Shane says:

    hehe… can’t decide which one i like more. the first one makes me go “so true!” (plus i’m a huge fan of self-loving) and the second, well the second one speaks for itself 🙂

  2. are you really at a sadomasochism/masturbation conference? some radicals have hijacked the agenda. of course, i feel your pain, looking that that horribly mutilated organ of joy… no wonder you couldn’t move… 🙂

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