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Media Adventures: Nana Darkoa on KSM’s ‘Thank God Its Friday’ tonight

(Thanks Nnenna Marcia for suggesting ‘Media Adventures’ to describe the publicity work we do for Adventures)

Ghana: This evening I will be a guest on KSM’s ‘Thank God its Friday’ which airs at 9:30pm on Metro TV. KSM in my opinion is Ghana’s best comedian. For the past 2 years my Mum and I haven’t missed his annual one man/woman (in 2011, his comedy was based around an alter ego called Afua Siriboe) show at the National Theatre. I’m delighted that I have been invited to be on the first episode of the new season of his show. I will be sharing my experiences of blogging, what inspired the creation of ‘Adventures’ and whatever else pops into my head 🙂

Do watch and let me know your thoughts.

Nana Darkoa (left) with KSM

Nana Darkoa (left) with KSM

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  1. Ekuba says:

    That’s amazing Nana! is there anyway those of us not in Gh now can watch you? will it be recorded?

  2. Ekuba says:

    yaaay!!!! it’s the new adventures page!!!! I love love love love it! Congrats for always keeping it new for your fans.

  3. Nnenna says:

    Oh wow!!! NICE!

    I just realised that I didn’t send you the photo for my ones. Oops. Is it to late? Can I bung it in myself?

    Seriously, very very nice.

  4. Nana Darkoa says:

    I think our web company got overly enthusiastic and uploaded this to the live site…we hadn’t approved for this to go live. There are still lots of niggles I want to fix so I am going to be asking them to revert to the old site until all the changes have been made. So Nnenna its not too late to send your photo

  5. Nnenna Marcia says:

    Ah! I thought as much but didn’t want to say anything re niggles – even if yes, it is lovely.

  6. Paapa says:

    I agree with Ekuba. Even if not on a live online page,I hope we can get the YouTube version for those of home far from home.
    Please do well to post the link as soon as its available. Kudos to Nana Darkoa and the adventures team. Nnenna, Kofi, Lady V.V and all you other great people out there.

  7. Ranv says:

    Good interview, though a bit short. You did look fabulous! !

  8. Nana Darkoa says:

    @Ekuba and @Paapa, it doesn’t seem like they have a You Tube option at the moment 🙁 I will share the link if they sort that out…

    @Ranv – Thank you so much 🙂

  9. Naa Adjeley says:

    oh c’mon! I’m just seeing this… 🙁

  10. Seeta says:

    My indecisiveness is evident in the number of times I hv changed my name(Pink, Tugbefia), lol.
    Anyway, it was so good to c u on TV Nana, I cldn’t watch it on Friday so I run away from church 2 watch the rerun(may God hv mercy on my undeserving soul).
    I’m so proud of the blogs success even though I’ve never posted anything, lol, I still feel very much a part of it cos I read EVERYTHING!

    • Nana Darkoa says:

      Hahahaa @Seeta aka Pink aka Tugbefia, this comment made me laugh so much. Thank you for running away from church to watch the re run 🙂 The blog’s support is down to dedicated readers like you so you should totally me proud.

  11. Seeta says:

    lol, I’m glad I made u laugh, but seriously this blogs existence is very important to me cos this is the only place I come n feel my fantasies n thoughts r totally normal cos there r too many hypocrites(maybe they r truly innocent, not sure) out there.
    Some of the girls in my office were having a conversation about sex n 1 asked if any of us will be open to having a threesome, I was the only one who said yes…let’s just say I regretted being honest almost immediately.

  12. Nana Darkoa says:

    KSM’s ‘TGIF’ has a new blog which you can check out via http://tgifshow.wordpress.com/

  13. Jamez Bondina says:

    @Seeta-Thank God for your honesty. You can bet the person who popped the ? and at least one other wanted to say yes and was too afraid. In the future sit back and listen to determine If people are even worthy of the knowledge you possess.

  14. Nnenna Marcia says:

    Hmmm..you look different here. Back to square one! (And you’re welcome. Media Adventures fits. Now, how to milk your gratitude? Pahahahahah!)

  15. Seeta says:

    Tanx Jamez

  16. Yaw says:

    I heard about this site on TGIF and i must confess i feel in love with you cos of the way you approached issues (little secret) lol. Great job Nana.

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