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Watch a recording of Malaka and Nana Darkoa talking about Maya Angelou, Sex and African Women

I’m editing this post so that those who missed the livestream of yesterday’s google hangout know to watch the recording via this link

Malaka and I talked about everything from Maya Angelou and what she taught us about sex and writing to our respective relationships, and answered questions that were sent in during the stream.

Let us know what you think of the recording. Would you want us to do another hangout on a particular topic? Let us know.

Nana Darkoa and Malaka Photography by Sena Ahadji

Nana Darkoa and Malaka
Photography by Sena Ahadji

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  1. AM says:

    Really, REALLY engaging hangout. The warmth in your friendship was/is sooo obvious and genuine.

    I’ve always wanted to say this, Malaka you are so phakking eloquent.

  2. Saffron says:

    I loved the google hangout.

    The chemistry between you two is awesome and the warmth of your friendship shines through.

    You could try kickstarter to crowd source funding for the Adventures Anthology which is a fantastic idea (the anthology is a fantastic idea I mean)!

    Awesome to hear your thoughts in conversation Malaka & Nana.

    • Nana Darkoa says:

      @Saffron you’ve just challenged me. So next year I’m starting my own communications company and I was going to put ‘Adventures the Anthology’ on the back burner but because of this comment I have decided that instead my first project will be a crowd funded campaign to publish the book. Thanks for the inspiration and so glad you enjoyed the hangout

      • Am says:

        Eiiii, Aunty Nana!! Congrats on the entrepreneurial move. If you need publicist, I’m here oo, lmao. Happy for you.

      • Saffron says:

        Yay!! *does a happy dance*

        Congratulations on establishing a Communications company Nana! Best wishes Boss Lady. 🙂

        I look forward to your campaign for the anthology & count me in for support – financial, spreading the word, contributing, etc.

        • Nana Darkoa says:

          Thank you Saffron! And yes, I’m definitely counting you as a contributor, and financial supporter.

          All Adventurers, you’ve been given notice. Start putting some change aside so that we can have a super hot, and quality Anthology of stories on African women, sex and sexuality next year.

  3. Purple T. says:

    Malaka! Your hair fine oo. I want some!

  4. Malaka says:

    As for my BFFFL, she is the original things-make-it-happener! We’re all looking forward to her start up next year. It will be top class, just like everything else she does.

    I second AM’s nomination to the position of publicist. She will go hard or just go home!LOL!!

    AM and Purple T: Thanks for the kind compliments about the hair and diction. We for try small-small some timez…

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