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Ping, ping: Micro-fiction



Ping, ping.


Hey you. Gr8 meeting 2day. Wish we coulda gone on to somewhere less noisy.  Thinking of ur lips, kiss.

Shouldn’t have said lips. Makn me hard just thinking bout u.

Aching for u. Loved sucking ur cock. Kinda hoped you’d suck me off too but it’s cool.

Def should meet up like you said. Want a repeat! Somewhere quiet.

Wanna see my dick? 🙂

[Image received]

That 7 inches of pre-cuming cock all for u. 

Wanna meet up tomorrow? Can’t wait to see you.

Hey, you gonna say something or what?




Ping, ping.


“Sorry dude, but I think you’ve got the wrong number.”

[Image sent]





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  1. Abena says:


  2. Nana Darkoa says:

    Oh Chale. Wrong whatsapp paa? Dangerous mehn. So this was a convo between two men right? Was a tad confused

  3. Nana Akosua says:


  4. Nnenna says:

    LOL. Maybe it worked better in my head. He pinged a woman. The guy gave him a fake number.

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