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‘Love Reality’ by Nana Malone: The Final Excerpt

Here is the final excerpt from Nana Malone who held her last book reading in Ghana on the 30th of April. If you missed  the event you can check out the images here. To read part 1 of this excerpt click here and here for part 2. Nana Malone’s books are currently available from MAKSI and via all the e-readers including FREE copies that can be downloaded  via Amazon.

Stroking her G-spot, Ryan slid his lips over her collarbone and along her jawline. When he reached her lips again, he grunted in satisfaction as her hips bucked. And then he sucked on her tongue in time with sliding into her slick center. His heavy erection pressed into her thigh, and she moaned.

With a groan, he pulled back from their kiss, and she mewled as she tried to follow his lips. His gaze scorched her.

“Jesus, what are you doing to me?”

Mia gasped for air. Her brain scrambled for purchase, but her body took over by arching her hips into his hand again.

Ryan muttered a curse and squeezed his eyes shut. As his fingers stroked her to the edge of orgasm, her name fell off his lips again and again. Mia held tight onto his shoulders. She rotated her hips around and around until he swore again and rubbed his thumb directly over her clit.

Her orgasm ripped through her, laying destruction to every nerve and cell. Unable to think, she threw her head back, giving herself over fully to the sensation.

“Jesus, you’re so hot.”

Mia couldn’t even lift her lead, let alone move her lips to whisper his name.

Slowly he withdrew his fingers from her. “You don’t think we’re done, do you? I have so many more tricks up my sleeve.”

She reached for him with a limp arm. Her temperature slowly rising again as he nuzzled her neck. Ryan rolled off of her for a split second and snagged a condom from his bedside table. Fascinated by every movement of rippling muscle, Mia watched as he shucked his boxers and sheathed himself. When he rolled back, he parted her thighs with his leg before settling into the juncture between her thighs. Mia gripped his shoulders, scoring his flesh with her nails as the tip of his cock nudged her cleft.

Inch by inch, he slid into her. He squeezed his eyes shut and dropped his forehead to hers. “So fucking tight.” He retreated an inch, the slid back in. Retreat, slide, retreat, slide. Finally he surged forward, seating himself inside her. Mia met him halfway by raising her hips.

For a long moment, he held his breath, gritting his teeth against the need. Slowly, he started to move, canting his hips until Mia bowed her back. He stroked deep and strong, making her shudder, then retreated until he was almost all the way out. Sweat slicked her body as he made love to her. His intense gaze never wavered, burned into her soul.

His whispered caresses made her just as hot as his hands, “…You are so hot…Stay here all day…Never want to stop…”

But soon, even the words were impossible, and tingling started in her toes. As she curled them, the sensation rocketed through her calves, then thighs, and up her back until she couldn’t take it anymore. Mia broke apart and held onto him for dear life as convulsions of ecstasy wracked her body.

It was like that was the permission he was waiting for. And he slid kisses along her jaw line, eventually nuzzling her neck. Picking up the pace, he tucked her tight against him, taking her body like she was meant for him and they were meant for this. With a shiver, he collapsed.



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  1. Maame says:

    My oh my!! So thankful I’m in an office with AC right about now otherwise I’d be extra hot and bothered!!

    Nice. Very well done Nana Malone! Gotta get me some of your stuff! 😉

    Naughtiness sure runs in your family Nana. Hehehe

  2. Jamie says:

    Gosh. Dats is y i hate reading ur posts durim.d day. I am jist left so turned on and confused

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