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Twitter chat: 5pm GMT today on ‘Dating/Sleeping with Younger Men’

I don’t know why the good people behind #AdultSexEd and #SexTalkNaija asked me to lead a twitter chat today on dating/sleeping with younger men. *scratches head*. Okay, okay, I confess I have some expertise on the subject 😛 So yes, I am here to ask you all to join me on Twitter at 5pm GMT . I will take control of the @adventurefrom handle and let’s talk about the politics, pros, cons of dating (*ahem* fucking) younger men.

Older women who have had younger lovers I want to hear from you.

Younger men who like older women join us too.

How about people in same sex relationships with age differentials? Yes please, join us.

Many thanks to @naijadesires for constantly creating a space for #AdultSexEd . Follow the hashtag to learn more about all the different conversations taking place this month.

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  1. Maame says:

    Nice! Won’t miss this for anything ;).

  2. Rexton says:

    I’d prefer to date older women because: they are more mature emotionally, they know what they want, they usually don’t want material things and they take good care of themselves (i.e. incidences of unwanted pregnancies are rare)

    • Nana Darkoa says:

      @Rexton – Cracking up for real at “incidences of unwanted pregnancies are rare…” Ermmm I can get how that is a plus BUT we have to agree that unwanted pregnancies are the equal responsibility of both parties okay?

  3. You were fantastic as always. Thanks….

  4. Rexton says:

    @Nana – I agree 100% with you; but as you know, we men are a bit careless sometimes. Yes, it should be the responsibility of both parties.

  5. Kwunume says:

    the trill in dating much older woman for me is that aspect that deals with taboo that trill you get when people are aware and they say wao . it is fun especially if she is your friends mother.

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