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The Perfect Playlist

Music has the power to get us in the right mood, be it working, cooking, a night out with friends and most especially SEX!. 

Play me the whole Album of Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream and you can unlock emotions that even I never thought existed. His voice has that velvet feel that literally melts my core. Add a dash of Rihanna and a tablespoon of Sade and I’m set for that sexual healing! 

But that’s me, I’m sure you guys have that perfect playlist to get you in the mood for some “good good lovin” and wouldn’t mind sharing. 

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Published on: 25 July 2015 by in General Issues

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  1. Kwunume says:

    I love different kind of music depending on my mood. when I am asleep I like Kenny G to play at the background likewise shrine intimate time as for message in a music Lucky Dube . there is one particular music that I cannot remember who sang it, please can anybody tell me the artist that sang the music that was used as the sound track in con air?

  2. Am says:

    Skelewu!!!! Aunty try this when you are riding him, game over.

  3. Malaka says:

    AM you go kill me ooo!!!


  4. Saffron&Lace says:

    Diana King’s “Love me through the night” and TLC’s “Red Light Special”

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