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‘In her Sacred Place’ continued by Misfit Genuis


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“Follow me to the bathroom after the offering”, Joojo whispered to Mabel. She nodded in acquiescence and gently run her hands over the length of his member through his trousers. As she put her money in the collection bowl and headed outside through the side door, Mabel’s mind raced. What had she gotten herself into, she was sure her husband would see her going out of the church, she was suddenly afraid of what might happen, maybe she should just get in her car and drive home and pretend this never happened. She could tell her husband later that she had had a headache or diarrhea … anything but this… All these ran through her mind as she felt her feet directing her towards the bathroom doors as if they had a mind of their own. No matter how bad an idea she thought this was, the wetness starting to drip into her panties wouldn’t let her think straight. She could feel her nipples, hard and pushing against the fabric of her dress. Those nipples hurt so bad, she really needed that stranger boy to suck and nibble at them right this moment.
Mabel headed straight for the girls’ bathroom as usual and realized Joojo might have gone to gent’s instead. Just as she was contemplating the risk of going to the men’s bathroom a stall door cracked open and a low voice whispered, “In here”.
Her heart beat even faster now that she was standing in this small bathroom stall with Joojo. “I thought you might be on the other side”, she whispered; “This place is a whole lot neater” he replied pulling her closer by her waist and placing his mouth softly on hers. It was as if they kissed for an eternity; she could feel her knees weaken as she held unto his young muscular shoulders for support all the while still kissing him, her teeth pulling on his lower lips. “Oh my god!”, Mabel exclaimed under her breath as she stepped back and wiggled out of her panties leaving her dress and heals on. He pulled her close again, this time lifting her left leg and putting it on the water closet seat. Now he had access to her whole pussy. “Is he going to do what I think he’s gonna do?” she thought to herself even as Joojo went on one knee, position his head in between her thighs and gently licked the lips of her already very wet pussy. She could feel the tip of his tongue opening up her folds and running up and down her entrance and all the way to the hood of her clit. Mabel grabbed his head and held it steadily as he put the tip of his tongue inside her and quickly lapped up her juices. He then proceeded to wrap his lips around her clit and suck gently. By the time his tongue had moved to the runway between her pussy and her ass-hole, she was far gone. “Quick, I want you inside” Mabel said as she pulled up her dress up and turned her back to him. Holding unto the wall of the stall, she bent over and looked at him expectantly.
Joojo dropped his pants to the floor, stood behind Mabel and kissed her nape; smelling her neck, he reached out in front and fondled her breasts through her dress. He took each breast in each hand, gently kneaded them and ran his thumbs over the erect nipples through the fabric. “uuuhhh, yesss”, she let out, arching her back and throwing back her head.

“Let me take the dress off”, he whispered to her. “No, just fuck me now!”, she barked at him. She grabbed his dick and ran her fingers around the circumference of it. He gasped. Then carefully probing, he placed his dick at her entrance and spread her cheeks open.

“Mabel!”, “Mabel are you in there?”. They both paused. Her husband was standing outside the ladies washroom building and he was calling her!!!

“Mabel!”, “Mabel, are you in there?” Her husband called out again. Joojo and Mabel stood, frozen in the stall. The tip of his dick still against her entrance. Should she respond?  “In here!” she shouts half gasping because just that moment Joojo decides to go deep inside her in one fluid motion; impaling her on his dick.
“I’m in here!” she manages to let out again all the while feeling Joojo’s hardness brushing against her pussy walls. “I’m using the bathroom, I’ll be out in no time!”.
“I saw you rushing out; Are you ok? I keep telling you to keep off the ice-cream. You are lactose intolerant, remember?!!” Mabel sighed. It was just like her husband to shout that out in public. And in that condescending tone of his too. “I’ll be out soon!” she hissed.
“Ok, I’ll be in the car”, he replied.
She turned to Joojo who was still hard inside her and said, “Quickly!”. She found that the knowledge that her husband was only a few meters away was such a huge turn on. He bent her over at the waist spread her legs open some more and began to thrust. Long deep thrusts. Mabel held unto his hands so hard and bit her lips so tightly and yet she couldn’t keep out a low moan; This was so good.
“Let me ride you”, she said to him. He pulled his thick shaft out of her, his dick covered in her glistening cum and sat on the toilet seat. “Come here baby”, he said huskily. Putting a leg on either side of his thighs, Mabel slowly lowered herself unto his erect penis and proceeded to rock herself on his dick. Joojo opened the front of her dress and pulled her breasts out. Hard pointy nipples poked out from the centre of her dark chocolate areoalas. He squeezed their fullness as she continued to ride him. “You feel soo good”, she managed to speak as the sweet feeling engulfed her…radiating from her center to the rest of her body. She couldn’t get enough of his dick. She began to move faster and Joojo grabbed her, holding on to her for dear life. Stroke after stroke, the heat built up between them as she felt herself getting close.”I’m going to cum!!!” she whispered just as he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. Her pussy contracted around his dick as her whole body started to shake. “OOOh yes!!!” she let out, oblivious of her surroundings; and slumped against him.

Mabel quickly got up off his still erect dick and reached into her hand bag, pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote on it. She put the paper in Joojo’s hand and wrapped his fist around it, she then buttoned up, touched up her hair and stepped out.
Joojo listened as the outer door squeaked open and shut. In the distance, he could hear her footsteps echo on the pavement outside. As he proceeded to give himself a release, he looked at the piece of paper and at the phone number and address on it. “Next week”, he thought to himself….

The End.


  1. Now I feel I should be going to church more often, I might get me some action. Absolutely fantastic write up. You have got me fantasizing on different levels.


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