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Survival: Minnie’s Story

This submission is in response to the call for stories of surviving violence as part of the global campaign, 16 Days of activism against gender based violence. Submit your stories via adventuresfrom[at]gmail dot com


I remember the first time  I met him if I knew what it would end up to I would have never started it. At first  it started as flirting and then we started to hook up for sex. The sex was good  and I enjoyed it. Then after sometime it changed and it was all about him. Him never minding about my feelings. It started becoming painful, after sex i would go to the bathroom  and cry as it was painful and the only time he would stop was when he was tired. My vagina was swollen so i had to apply some vaseline for the next round.You wonder why I never walked away but everyday I thought he would change and go back to his old self.  For 6 months this went on… until I moved on. It has taken me two years to be  intimate with any man.


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  1. Naa Adjeley says:

    Thanks for sharing Minnie… glad you were able to gather strength and move on.

  2. Am says:

    Thank you @Minnie, we sometimes forget that abuse and violence can take so many forms

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