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‘Just the way I am’ by Guest Contributor Wolverine

We have only just started summer, but already its so hot and with my exam and portfolio  deadlines only about 48 hours away, i think that certainly turns the heat up.

I couldn’t concentrate,  I took my clothes off and then I snapped a few pics. Not for anyone in particular,  I just wanted to see what i look like.
I used to be tiny, size 28 and now I fluctuate between 34 and 36 . I used to be confident  of my looks and then somehow, the older I got, the more weight I gained, the less confident I became.

At times, I think being a stay at home student who could get a PhD in household chores,  is what I’m good at. I love social sciences,  but i find that of late I’m not so eloquent in speech like back then…neither am I tech savvy. I wonder if I was to get a proper job in my field would I be comfortable or good at it? Its funny how, my prison has become my sanctuary, I used to hate it. ( it can be overwhelming!) I never get lost where it comes to house chores, cooking, knowing whom to serve first etc…

Yet once I just wanted to be this incredible woman,  meeting donors, making humanitarian headlines and earning serious dollars. I still want that, I still hope for that.

I spent time looking down on myself,  I wanted to be thinner, I wanted to be sexier.Went on a diet, did the gym, starved , but for whom and for what?
So as I took pics today, I realised I’m not the size 28/30 that HE  wants, but i think I’m sexy, I love my curves , I know where I’m going and success will be mine all in good time.
If I wasn’t so shy, I’d probably have made this my profile pic for the day or the month.

Lesson learnt:

Never apologise for being who you are, there’s someone out there who thinks you are super hot the way you are and who can’t get enough you.

Image of Wolverine

Image of Wolverine

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  1. Kayy says:

    -) Just the way you are!

  2. Kwunume says:

    don’t displease your self to please others, as the greatest love is self love.

  3. The Saint says:

    Absolutely…. never apologise. Always be yourself. Be wise in all you endavours to minimize regrets.. but also listen to constructive criticism cos that help a lot improving ones self…

  4. All so true since we say, ‘ Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

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