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‘Exquisite pussies and heavenly dildos’ by guest contributor Amae

It’s Friday night. I’ve been waiting for this all week, tonight I have her, to myself. Now, I may seem overly eager for this but you need to understand, I’ve been dreaming about this night for a year. I have the perfect scenarios; I’ve fucked myself imagining her fucking me. And finally, it’s Friday night. I’m home. And she’s coming to me. We both choose red slip dresses for the night, corny yes, but also easy to pull off. Also really corny.


She’s never orgasmed with a girl. A 30 something bisexual woman. And she wants me, to fuck her. Of course, it’s too much pressure, but I’ve wanted to be with her for so long it has none of the pressure and all of the pleasure (see what I did there?)


I’m already wet when I get there, she thinks she’s doing me a favor but by God, I’ve been looking forward to this basically ever since I met her, I want to taste her and watch her cum. I’ve seen her homemade tapes, her pussy is exquisite, can I say that? Can pussies be exquisite?


She pulled out the toy she got specifically for this reason. A new Ann Summers that’s been all the rave. 7 inches, wide and pink. A vibrating dildo. Also known as Heaven. Yes, that’s what she is calling it.  


She laid on the couch and spread open her legs. The smell is heady, she smells like sex I gently slipped a finger into her pussy and fucking hell she was wet. Definitely ready for me.


She pulled her finger out and I shuddered a little, I don’t remember the last time I was so turned on, I can hear the sound of the toy and its making me wetter if that’s even possible. She started to move it through my clit slowly letting the vibrating tip massage. The sensation is amazing


She sighs loudly, moaning softly, that sound, I want to hear more of it, I gently move Heaven towards her vagina, slowly inserted just the head into her while the vibrating dildo worked its magic. Ah yes the moan, and its louder!


I might have just cum I swear, because shit I’ve used toys with other partners and then there’s THIS. Heaven is an apt name, I lift off the couch a little and move my hips, I want Heaven at the center of me, more of it.


She’s basically purring now as Heaven slips deeper into her, I can hear the little swish sound, as it slips and vibrates, I increase the speed a notch and she gasps. I cannot wait to fuck her. She’s right here and I’m thinking of the next time. Whipped.


Those are her fingers, and that is her tongue, shit!


Oh she tastes amazing, the aroma was too much for me, I had to taste her! I lap my tongue around Heaven, getting more of her. Now I’m definitely ready to fuck her. I pull out Heaven and slip my fingers inside of her, 1, 2, 3 fingers and then my tongue is licking again. She loves the finger tongue combo. And boy will I give her just that


Her fingers are so quick, but I can feel everything, I know its hooked and she’s using the middle one to massage. I can’t focus. Did I tell her I’m a squirter? Because if she keeps this up…

She’s moaning loudly again, that moan will be the end of me, my tongue is starved, honestly that’s how it feels, I want to taste all of her, she’s bucking and rubbing her clit against my mouth. I’m moving my fingers too quickly for my mouth to keep up so I lift my head off her and she groans.


I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I know I’m saying this out loud. Her fingers are slamming deep inside me. Her tongue is back! She’s sucking up my cum!


She’s cuming and she tastes even better, I swirl my tongue around my fingers and suck on it, hard. Shit she’s screaming, jerking a little. Oh she squirts! I pull my fingers out and rub her clit as she quiets down, I’m not done with her.


I can feel her fingers gently rubbing my clit, I can’t stop the little shiver, somehow I want more. I want her badly. I cannot forget that she sucked my cum right off my pussy. I’m glad she got me off and not Heaven, because now I can ask her to fuck me again.


I sit up and start moving my crotch towards hers. I want to touch her pussy with mine. Feel our wetness, I’m ready to cum.


She’s coming to me…

P.S: Many thanks to Amae for writing this piece, and Queerstafrican for editing support

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  1. Nnenna says:

    I’m wondering if the style is the reason why this has no comments? It took me until the fourth para to figure out it was two people narrating – and this, in spite of the italics.

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