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Finding pleasure: a song or poem

Turn the lights down low
Light some candles
Deep red ones
Mellow white ones
Fill the room with your favourite scents
The smell of passionfruit
Of lavender
Of rose
Allow your sheets to caress you
Allow your sheets to fall where they will
And your body to follow
Limbs akimbo
Let it all out
It will quicken soon enough
Allow yourself to imagine
What pleasure feels like…
Let your mind’s eye take you back…
To that place
Where you found pleasure
Where you gave pleasure
And where all was right with the world

Photography by Kwaku David

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Published on: 17 May 2018 by in General Issues

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  1. Eleanor T.K says:

    Love it!

    • Nana Darkoa says:

      Thank you sis! I really appreciate getting this feedback because I rarely write in this kind of form…and so its nice when the words come in a different structure

  2. Wolverine says:

    Soft & sensual…nice!!

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