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Where are the Ghanaian sex shops?


Okay, where are the Ghanaian sex shops? A friend and I will be doing our Ghanaian sex shop review next week and I just realised I have absolutely no idea where exactly the shops are. I have heard one is on the Spintex Road, and the other is on Oxford Street. Any precise directions please? Behind the plantain seller who sits opposite the MTN building may not be that helpful.

Any recommendations as to what I should buy?


  1. I still insist the best toy you can ever have, is simply the real African man. There is no substitute. Am I wrong?

  2. Hey Nana, if you are coming from Accra along the Spintex road the shop will be on your right just before getting to the Coca Cola Roundabout – it's called Pleasures. Curious to know what you think, did write about my own visit on my own blog.
    BTW – I always visit but never commented before, wicked blog.

  3. There's one on the spintex road…I believe it is somewhere between the turning that goes to Sweeties and Lister hospital AND Papaye. It's on the right side of the road if you're heading from Accra Mall to Spintex…same side as Papaye. It's called Pleasures. I've never actually been inside…but tell me if it's worth the visit:)

    Oh, and get a wabbit:)and a cock ring that vibrates. Something for everyone. right? Also, I heard u can get the cock ring and some lube at shell shops and some shops in the mall.

    tell us how it goes.

  4. @Anon – Thanks for the tip. I already have one, and a big fan

    @RocNaija – 🙂 go on…

    @Shane – Ditto!

    @Angel – It's always a possibility, right…I can have the sex workshops to go with the sex shop…hmmm, food for though

    @Pen Powder – Yes you're wrong…only teasing…flesh and blood is obviously great but sometimes plastic is also really great…plus you may not have a man/woman in your life or you may just want some extra frisson. Come on, give the toys a chance, you might just suprise yourself…oh and give me feedback when you do

    @Denise – Thank you so much, and thanks for reading…please comment. I love feedback! Will check out your blog

    @Esi – Thanks for the tips and directions…I will let you know if it is worth the visit. A cock ring at Shell, wow!

  5. Jessica (of citifm) once had a show on 'sex toys' and she mentioned she knew where listeners could get what they wanted (am not talking about rabbits). You might want to contact her. I am sure it will help us all in the end!!!

  6. @Edward – Quite a few people have mentioned Jessica's show to me but unfortunately I have never listened to it. I hear its off the airways now…a source told me it was deemed to be too scandalous for Ghanaian society. That's a shame I think…so what are you talking about if not rabbits?

    @All – Myself and Ms A did visit Pleasures – review coming up shortly

  7. there are so many sex shops in Ghana!

    just walk to a side at any of the lorry stations and it won't be long before you discover a table with a huge enough dick model carved out of some wood.

    and you'd find too, loads of assorted herbs that you can be sure to be promised to manifest when you try them!

    some of the shops are even carried on the head in pans like mobile service with a bell in hand to announce the potency of roots!

  8. @Novisi – Hahahaha, you have made me laugh. Thank you for reminding me that in Ghana Sex Shops are not always bricks and mortar. SO tell me, do those herbs work???

    • @Shanny – To be honest I have no idea. My friend who was selling sex toys stopped, and I don’t know if Pleasures is still open. Opening a wellness centre – which stocks sex toys is one of my long term goals but I ain’t there yet 🙂

  9. @Shanny i know where you can get sex toys, there are sex shops in Ghana you just have to look – you can try mycatalogueshop.net or accrasexshop.com they are online but Pleasures is still open haven’t been there in a while.

  10. @audra on the spintex road. They are even online, u can order witout going there. Can get u the website and number if u aint found it yet.

  11. Wow! Lots of interesting comments. I have been to Accra 4 or 5 times and never noticed those shops. I am in Nairobi and I have never found a sex shop. Most order on-line from the U.S. or Europe, but shipping can be expensive. I think there is a lack of sex shops in Africa in general. My last trip to the U.S., I visited a sex shop and bought nipples rings for my wife and I. I also bought a 3 ring ribbed rubber cock rings.
    I would recommend you buy a dildo, vibrator and a set of cock rings for your man. They look great and they add extra pleasure for the woman!


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