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Waist Beads: Sexy or what?


I love waist beads. I love the way they look and the way they feel against my body. I love it when my lover plays with my waist beads. I feel sexier when I wear waist beads.

waist beads 006 The beads in the picture were a gift from a friend. She got them in Dakar, apparently they are known as “ball breakers” because of their size and they should only be worn when you’re going to have sex….

Alas, I am still waiting to break them out


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Waist beads are soooooo sexy! I’m making mine! But ya the one in the middle is tres HOT! Awwww LUCKY YOU! i wish someone would gimMEE beads!

  2. Love ’em. I wouldn’t get them as large as those though. I go for the teeny ones. But in general, i too think they’re very very hot. And if i were a guy, it would be a requirement for all my women. ha!

  3. I do not really like beads that much. I think it was because of the experiences i had with beads during my JHS days.

    Anytime my i was beaten in school, my beads always came off. Kind of embarrassing and the pains and marks it inflicted of my skin were bad.

    But looking at the beads up there wants to make me change my mind.

  4. @Jae – It’s so cool that you are making your own waist beads. Maybe Santa will send you some waist beads

    @Edward – They do? How?

    @Sankofa – Oh, yes…

    @Esi Cleland aka Maameous – Lol at if you were a guy…you have a point about men and beads…I think men need to find some way of accesorising their naked bodies. We go to so much effort – beads, sexy lingerie, thongs…and what do guys do?

    @anxious baby – Ohhh, I am so sorry you had that experience. Maybe its time you gave waist beads another try – as an adult that no one will be caning unless you really want them to 🙂

  5. Cool post. I wrote a story on waist beads called “Minshinii” that got published on African Writing Online (woohoo and shameless plug). At the risk of getting all psychoanalytic, I think the size and colour(s) of a person’s beads says a lot. I feel totally different with big red waist beads or tiny blue ones or a crazy multicoloured string of them. Different beads different personality…anaaa?

  6. I’m kind of iffy about waist beads. I always kind of linked them to juju-ness, I don’t know why. I think when I was a child, my aunt told us a story of a school mate of hers who got “(black) magic” waist beads to hook a guy and since then the two have been linked in my mind. Also, I interned at a hospital where mothers put waist beads on their babies for “protection.” So I guess I just have issues with them for myself.


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