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Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women is 1 Year Old


In a few minutes it will be a year since Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women launched in cyber space and what a year it has been. I had no particular expectations when I suggested to my friend that we start this blog, infact what I originally wanted was for Abena and I to write a book together about the realities of sex and the African woman but I feared that it would go the way of our other project and die even before it birthed. Hence the idea for a blog came about. With blogs you have to update regularly, you have readers you owe a responsibility to…

The other reasons I was motivated to start the blog included having gone on a fantastic girls trip to a beach resort and having the most frank and open conversations on sex with my girlfriends and being at a stage in my life where I felt sexually confident and willing to share my experiences with others.

Feedback on this blog has been simply amazing. I had a fear when I started writing that I was going to get severely criticised and accused of immorality but the reaction has been the opposite. People have welcomed this space and been generous with their contributions, comments and feedback. I am grateful to all those who in diverse ways have contributed to making this space the dynamic, exciting and sexy space it is.

In the month of December 2009, Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women had 8180 unique visitors, that’s a tremendous increment from the previous month’s figure of 6225. Thank you for all your support, keep reading and as usual do share your thoughts and experiences via the comment box.


  1. Yes, Sisi. You are a bad girl. In fact, you are “spoilt”. Writing about sex with no inhibitions. Shame! Oh wait…I’m your partner in crime aren’t I? Happy anniversary, and here’s to an even better year with better posts and more contributors! You guys out there know you want to. 🙂

  2. ei Nana Darkoa you have spoilt oo!
    Congrats Nana! You have done very well with this place and you deserve many more successful years because this place is educative & entertaining.

  3. Afi shia paooooooo. I really enjoy the blog and i tell people to visit it whenever we have conversations involving relationships, which is often (a survey on what peoples conversation topics are; answer probably might be relationships being the first). Anyway, thanks, i have learnt a lot from your blog, Nana Darkoa adn Abena Gyekye.

  4. @ Nana Yaw – Glad you’ve enjoyed the ride 🙂

    @ Abena – Look who is talking? The original bad girl herself

    @ Mike – Thank you, kind Sir

    @ Oluniyi – Thank you for your web hosting services and technical support

    @ Aba – Me da ase. Thanks for recommending the blog, glad you have been able to learn a thing or two


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