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Disclaimer: The Deletion of ‘Nasty Ass Men’


You may notice the last post has been deleted. This is because there is some information in the post that could lead to the person(s) involved being identified. In the interest of being a safe space, we’ve had to take the decision of deleting the post.

The issue the post dealt with – that of HPV is a serious one and so in a future post we shall present more information on the subject.


  1. *Wow* more twists and turns in the “Nasty Ass Men (and Women??)” drama. Now you know this makes everyone even more curious right?! Anyway, probably was a good idea to delete it! I’m still grossed out…

  2. @Nana T – Lol, but that would make deleting the post counter productive. I would say the morale of the post is that discuss stds/ask the person you’re about to shag if they have an std or make sure you both get tested before you have sex. Preferably all three


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