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Guest Contributor Ms S On: Being Seduced By a Younger Woman


So I got seduced last night by a 23 year old woman and I loved it! In case you’re wondering, yes I’m a woman too, and until a few months ago was completely ‘straight’. Well that’s if you ignore a few dalliances with girls in boarding school (but surely practically everybody who went to a same sex boarding school messed about with the same sex, right?)

So how did this seduction happen? Well, a friend told me that she knew this woman who really wanted to get to know me. Apparently she had seen me out on the town a few times and thought I would be a cool person to get to know. A few days afterwards I get a facebook friend request from Lolita (clearly not her real name), I accepted the request and that was it until a few days ago. Lolita started chatting to me on FB and her tone was distinctly flirtatious. Now I’m not the kind of woman who jumps to conclusions so I thought ‘Mmm, maybe she’s just being extra friendly‘, a few more conversations later I just had to ask her:

Are you flirting with me?’

You couldn’t tell?’

Hmm, interesting I thought…in the past few months I had explored my bi-sexual side so was definitely not averse to ‘hooking up’ with a girl. So we planned to meet for drinks in a bar. A few cocktails later we moved from the table to the more comfy seats in the corner of the bar, Lolita started caressing my hand, it felt nice and I touched her hand back. Frankly I’m not quite sure how we got from holding hands to full on kissing, the doorman moved from standing outside the door to the doorway where he had a clear, uninterrupted view of us…neither of us cared. I went to the loo and he said to me:

Oh my goodness, you guys are sooo hot! 2 days ago I was working at an apartment and they were having a swingers party, its only a few streets from here. Do you want to go?’

I smiled and said ‘No, thank you

Lolita and I decided ‘we needed to get a room’ so headed back to mine…need I say what happenned next?


  1. @Ekow – Ermmm, I think you’re confusing me with Ms S 🙂 Thanks for the offer though but the thought of a threesome has never excited me. Maybe you need to hook up with Maria 🙂

    @yinkuslolo – I don’t think ‘dalliances with girls’ in boarding school necessarily translates into bisexuality. I suspect (with no firm evidence one way or the other) that girls hook up with other girls in schools without ‘over thinking’ the process, n a way its just something that happens. I’ve shared my personal experiences on this subject in a previous post (which you should be able to find on the site – sorry feeling too lazy now to search for the link)

  2. @yinkuslolo, i second Nana…sort of but not completely. while i believe that ‘dalliance with girls’ in boarding school does not translate into bisexuality, i do believe that such dalliances prove that human sexuality is not as rigid as society says it is. i’m not sure if this is controversial but i don’t think human sexuality is as easy to put into neat boxes labelled ‘gay’, ‘straight’ or ‘bisexual’ as we today seem to believe it is.

    throughout history there have been people who would be labelled bisexual in today’s world even though they didn’t think of themselves as such. the first people that come to mind are the Spartans and Japanese samurai who both practiced institutionalised homosexuality as part of their military schools. as i read a whole book on Japanese homosexuality in history, i know that in the past it was considered normal for a young man to have an older lover but this same man was expected to get married when he got older. in other words the first half of a man’s life was spent loving other men while the second half was spent loving women. those people knew what they were doing…

  3. @ eccentricyoruba: well said re the fluid nature of sexuality. even the label ‘bisexual’ discretizes something which, in my opinion, is a continuous spectrum.

    @ ekow: this is not a dating website… lol

    @ Ms. S: i think like maria, some of us want to hear more 🙂

  4. @eccentricyoruba – No this didn’t happen in an African country although we are Lolita and I are both African. She currently works abroad and I happened to be visiting when this occured…so its probably going to be a short lived affair unless we go the long distance route.

    @yinkuslolo – I don’t think so….i agree that we shouldn’t try to box our sexualities so rigidly. I do think its our socialisation that makes us define ourselves predominantly as heterosexual. For the longest time I considered myself completely straight but in the last few months I have found out that I’m attracted to girls too….I still find men very attractive though

    @Maria – Lol, we’ll see…if I get inspired I will send Nana another email with the juicy details

    @Shane – You do? if I decide to share some more goss, it will be on this site

    @Ekow – Yep, it sounds like you are trying to hook up with some girls.

  5. @Ekow please cool it. Find urself a woman, chale! your persistence makes me wonder whether you’re not a bit under 18!!;-) If you’re not, then you’re appearing very desperate. There are more women in Ghana than men; am sure you can find one!!:-))

  6. @ All – Hmm, I was going through the admin section of this site recently when I noticed that I had named this guest contributor Ms S but there is a previous post by another Ms S who is not the same contributor as this particular Ms S. Oh goodness, the drama of trying to keep anonymity. I thought it was a great idea to give women guest contributors Ms and a random letter of the alphabet but clearly this is not such a good name. I was thinking of changing the name Ms S to Ms Robinson but that will mess up Lolita’s piece…oh well, the name stays but please note that this is the first post by this particular Ms S….


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