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Imagine if…


Imagine if…

Men and women didn’t play games…

People were free to love whoever they wanted to love…

Age really was nothing but a number…

Imagine if

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  1. If sex did not exist and people actually went out with people because the luved them.
    If there was a form of meter on every persons wrist recording the number of times you had sex.

  2. @No Balls – Ermmm you don’t think people go out with people because they love them? Curious about the meter thing? Is it that you think people lie about the number of people they have slept with or you’re curious how many partners your partner has had prior to you?

    Aba – Awww at heartache

    Nana Y – Imagine that indeed

    Abena – Sister, you know i feel you

    Kofi – Eugh I am so glad we don’t 🙂 Don’t want everybody seeing my rolls

    Shane – Hmmm, imagine that indeed!

  3. @Kofi – Hmmm, as for these games dier…sometimes i think ‘why do people play games’ and at other times I think ‘the games work’. But i guess it depends on what your goal is…


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