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Alternative Valentine’s Day for Singletons


Now I know some of you will have mentally groaned ‘cos I’ve mentioned the V word, valentine – Sorry. But I found myself thinking about Valentine’s Day in the early hours of this morning. The last two Val’s days have been great, and I’ve been single for every one of them. In 2010, my current bestie and I threw a single’s party, which was so much fun – a couple even hooked up then and are still together to this day. In 2011, this self same bestie and I decided to go to an upmarket French restaurant and exchange valentine presents – so we did.

So what shall we do in 2012? I tweeted about this earlier and some alternative Valentine Day events that have been suggested via twitter include:

  • Taking yourself on a romantic trip to Paris


  • Throwing a themed intimate dinner for a small group

Others that come to my mind now include:

  • Taking your Mum/sister/best friend out for a meal
  • Going on a spa break/day with 5 of your closest friends
  • Giving a donation to a women’s shelter or women’s fund
  • Doing something you love to do whatever that may be
  • Indulging in local tourism – plan a fun day out to somewhere close by that you have been wanting to check out for a while
  • Treating your parents to a Valentine’s Day out

These are my ideas for an alternative Valentine’s Day for singletons. Of course you can choose to ignore the whole idea of Valentine’s Day ‘cos its commercial, blah, blah, blah or you can choose to use the day as an opportunity to treat yourself.

What are your ideas for an alternative Valentine’s Day for singletons?


  1. I think you’re spot on with your concept of an alternative Valentines Day. Valentines Day is about love, not romance exclusively. What better way to spend that day then doing something you love?

    I’d rather go to a spa with the girls than dinner any day of the week. Rub me down and grease me up!


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