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‘Dating’ Younger Men: I’m doing an about turn :)


When I was in secondary school there was nothing better than having a boyfriend who was a couple of years older than you were. When I was in Form 3, my boyfriend was in Lower 6. Having an older boyfriend was a bit of a status symbol, and I kind of grew up with that as my norm – older boyfriends I mean 🙂

Ages ago, I wrote a post where I shared some of the concerns I would have about dating a younger man. I wrote that post on 5th June 2009, and I’m really going to have to eat some of my words here. Okay not ALL the words because in re-reading that post I recognise that all the fears I had about ‘dating’ younger men are real and still ever present, BUT somehow I have found that in the past 2 years the vast majority of my sexual relationships have involved people younger than I am. A few of them have been significantly younger, 9 years younger being the biggest age gap at the moment. Now if you had told me 3 years ago that I would be doing the horizontal tango with someone who is the same age as my youngest sibling I would have thought that was inconceivable so what the h*ll happened to me?

Well, first of all I dated M for about a year. M was one of those where there was a significant age gap, but intellectually and sexually we were on a par. Plus M was one of the rare ‘young’ ones whose finances matched mine so we were able to do the things we liked to do – eat in fine restaurants, go bar hopping, attend concerts…Part of my fear of dating younger ones is being unable to do what I want to do because the other person cannot afford it.

There are a couple of things I’ve discovered since I started ‘dating’ younger people:

  • There are tons of smart young people out there who are on their grind and have huge visions, which they are working to achieve.
  • These young people are FREAKY! They don’t have a lot of the hang-ups older people have about sex, and are down with exploring their sexuality.
  • Younger people (in the mid 20s age range) tend to be in peak physical condition, so are a joy to look at and feel.

So yeah, I’m kinda eating my words right now…


  1. OMG I am CACKLING over here! You just explained the psyche of a cougar in this brief post. Mystery solved!

    Well, as long as you are being made to eat your words, I hope that something else has the benefit of gettin’ ate too *wink wink*.


    • @Abena – Argh! I hate that expression, ‘cougar’. I can write a whole post on my hatred of the term. Hehehehehe…and you went there with that pun didn’t you. Ermmm, well yes…

  2. @ Nana,

    Thanks mama!!!! I’ll spice up his life no need for Viagra.

    @ Kofi,

    Don’t be shy boo-I don’t bite. Meow!!!! How you doing?! Me I like to connect oo….holla at a sista…..

  3. @ Kofi,

    I’m upfront, I don’t need an intermediary…give me your digits…I DO NOT bite. Never have, never will. Because as far as I’m concerned I’m human not animal…..but the scientists have me as an animal species.

  4. @ Nana,

    Oh! Eh…Kinda flustered. I didn’t take him seriously at all….thought he was joking!!! Great email us, and the next thang I’ll have you as my maid of honor for our wedding!!!:)


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