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Guest Contributor Lady Mango: Another kind of dance floor


The light in the room is dim, that kind of almost candle-light glow coming from a small lamp. We are being reckless, laughing through the corridor where our friends can hear us, running into the bedroom and closing the door with a loud bang. I am already melting, pure sweetness between my thighs. She takes me towards the bed, pulls me close and I can feel the strap-on in her jeans and her breasts pressed against mine. She runs her velvet lips down my neck before kissing me, pulling me even closer to her body.

We begin to dance, her body so close it is almost becoming me. I unbutton her shirt, run my hand over her breasts until I find her nipple, take it between my fingers and turn it. She sighs, pulls my leg and wraps it around her waist, runs her hand under my dress, finds me wet.

“Please”, I whisper, “come inside me”.

“Turn around” she replies, drops my leg and turns me so my ass is against her.

I bend over and put my hands on the bed.

She unzips her jeans, takes the strap-on in one hand, parts my lips with her fingers and slides the strap-on inside. I am so wet, I open willingly.

We begin to move. She pulses inside me as my back arches, our hips moving in rhythm to the sound of our sighs. We move faster and faster until nothing is controlled, all we are is our raw craving, the deep pleasure between two women calling each other’s names…..saying “yes” and “harder” and “fuck I am gonna come”.…and I come from my clit, wetness pouring out of me like a river as she moans, body shaking against my back.
She pulls out of me and I turn around, fall on the bed and grab her body with my legs, pull her down towards me and we kiss, the softness of her breasts against mine, the velvet of her lips telling me how much I mean to her.


  1. i’m a bit confused, wat did she mean wen she said “come inside me”? is it another way of saying “enter me” or “fuck me”? i’m reading “cum inside me” as in, u know…

  2. Hmmph!! In the beginning I was confused when I realized I was sensing a double feminine vibe. Almost thought it was a mistake..haha!
    But I really have never seen loving between two women described quite like this …Nice read

  3. @pink …interesting! well I guess if you think of two women together….there is no ‘cum’ inside her….but you can certainly let her come in 🙂 I guess between women there is a different language of lovin…..its a world where men’s bodies are not what we are thinking about….mmmmmm……
    @ all of you….glad you enjoy….maybe I need to write some more…?

    • @Lady Mango – Yes please! Do write some more. I really enjoyed this piece. I love your style of writing, and how you draw us into the story. Plus its a totally erotic story 🙂 Thanks so much for contributing


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