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‘Adventures from the bedrooms of African women’ at ‘Women of the World Festival 2012’


I’m delighted to share that a few days ago I created my very first ‘Adventures’ podcast for ‘Women of the World Festival‘ which takes place from 7th-11th March at the Southbank Centre in London. As a former Londoner, the Southbank was one of my favourite places to visit whether I was broke or not 🙂 When I was broke I could walk along the Thames, and when I was flush I would treat myself to a meal at one of the numerous restaurants near the centre before catching a show. But I digress…

I enjoyed creating the podcast, and I am especially pleased that Hannah Pool, a member of the curating team for WOW worked with me to find a creative way of ensuring that my voice and opinions could be a part of the festival. So for readers of ‘Adventures’ in London do visit the Southbank Centre on Saturday 10th March at 12pm to listen to the podcast and participate in a panel discussion on the sexualisation of black women in popular culture.

Also visit the WOW festival blog to read my interview with Hannah Pool, as well as Belinda Otas’s piece on ‘Women of the World’


  1. @eccentricyoruba – I’ll email you the next time I’m heading to London so we can plan to meet up.

    @MsAfropolitan – Awwww. We’re long overdue a catch up. It’ll happen soon x


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