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So You Want ATS to be Published, Eh?


Well hello ATS STANs!

I have to make this note brief so that I can write the next installment before you all nail me to the wall for not having it done. 🙂 I need your help.

Nana has identified a publisher who might be interested in looking at this work. However, I have to submit a synopsis of the work – and unfinished work. I have many strong suits, but writing about what I’m writing about is not one of them. I have never been any good at writing synopses. So will you help me?

If you’re a sincere fan of this series (*ahem!* ABENA, Ozohu & co) would you write one paragraph summarizing what you find most compelling about it? I’ll take all those paragraphs and compile them for submission this week. Just put the paragraph in the comments section below.

Thanks all!


  1. Malaka in your credit section you better QUOTE me!!!!!!!! I’m soooooooo PROUD and HAPPY for you…..

    This is an intriguing story in which power, sex, and politics collude to weave a cob web of truth and deceit, in which only the strong survive. The African setting is compelling as the author explores the current reality and intricacies of cultural values and norms that find it difficult to salute women as the forbearers of progress in the continent. An explosive interaction of dynamics occurs as the author sets to showcase the fight for gender equity in the African corporate boardrooms, the acceptance of a broader view on sex and sexuality in which sexual orientations of all kids that may otherwise be viewed as a Western import are embraced and acknowledged and finally the importance of women recognizing their strength even when a partnerlistic culture is used as a vice. Malaka is offering the disenfranchised and marginalized group in Africa-women-a voice and soul-despite the many cultural hurdles.

  2. avec plaisir!!

    What i find most compelling about this series is how unpredictable it is, how i can’t pick a ‘most interesting’ character, How is touches on sensitive societal issues in a subtle yet clear and precise manner. From time to time, i have to remind myself that it’s fiction because it draws me in emotionally(and i know i’m not alone there) and i find myself cursing at my computer or saying a sincere “thank you Jesus!” when something really good happens.LoL. I find the author’s imagination AMAZING, and the way she puts it down on paper -each character, their story and how they relate- leaves you wanting more. Through this very entertaining series, Malaka is giving voice to issues that have been swept under the rug for too long, issues in africa that need to be brought to light.

  3. No mystery:

    I Love Lucy meets Dynasty meets Sex In The City and LA Law, and together they have a baby called ATS. Like all babies, ATS is a cute, often maudlin, crying, nettlesome, demanding, and yet always cute creature. ATS’s appeal is universal, indulging its babyhood in dramas of sex, the kinkier the better, betrayal, violence and intrigue. It is simply told, easy to digest, and should be a mainstay of the bestseller lists for years to come.

  4. Awww. I love all the fantastic descriptions the ATS stans have given 🙂 Anyway I have always wanted to know. What is a stan? A fan? An extreme fan?

  5. This series about to be a book and a bestseller is a unique amalgamation of everything:intrigue,suspense,dispair,hope,espionage,romance,sheer tenacity and a strong will to rise above the challenges.For me its the brilliant way the writer presents the story,she doesn’t take her readers for granted I.e insulting their intelligence,every series makes you want to take an action and that is the essence of a good write-up: generating a reaction.I have cursed,hi fived,dropped a tear or two and even laughed in my reading moments.Of course the writer must be applauded for making a series of an African origin with African setting feel soo cosmopolitan and international and not think ‘she’s trying to fit in as a white writer’.
    Point is you cannot go wrong with The Afosua Series,it
    would make your day and leave you panting for more!*wink*

    PS:sweet Malaka,now that I have dutifully but wiv all pleasure fulfilled my end of the bargain,could u pls give me my prescription drug?24hrs without it aint no joke u noe!oya,sharp sharp.MUA!

  6. Thank you one and all! This is really helpful. I think this is enough to make up the 500 words needed! 🙂

    Nana – A STAN is a “stalker” + “fan”. Beyonce has the most dedicated stans in the entertainment industry, as I understand it.

    African Mami – I will quote you, blow your picture up, and invite you to the Kennedy Center when I receive my award for excellence in literature. Ha!

    Ozohu – That was really sweet of you. I have a such a heart for telling our women’s stories, and it means a lot that you believe I’m bringing important issues out. The things that Afosua, Annette, Lydia and Naa go through are similar situations that friends and strangers have shared with me over the years. I hope to do them justice.

    Kofi – I’m not sure what to make of your comment…but I guess that’s how you like it, isn’t it? Your comments are always enigmatic. 😉

    ABENA – oh shame! You were late to the party! Better late than never I suppose. I got your fix in for you though. Daylight Savings Time had me all messed up today. Better late than never?

  7. African Mami said it BEST! There’s your synopsis. As an Afro-Caribbean I enjoy being linked to modern day Africa with it’s still prevalent archaic views towards women, but more than anything is knowing that it’s a universal struggle for women. This story, albeit being fiction, is the reality for many women everywhere regardless of race, culture, and socio/economic background. I’m just content, intrigued, pleased…. to view such a wonderful story from an African female perspective. GREAT job Malaka!!!

    By the way, has anyone read “The Ethical Slut”? I saw someone on the “tube” …I becoming so British. I’m going to start referring to the subway (NYC) as such, but I digress. I saw someone reading it, but couldn’t get the name of the author, but when I did a search the cover is different from the person’s own. It looks interesting….hoping someone might have read or knows of it.


    Malaka keep up the GREAT work, again!!!

  8. ‘Taut with suspense and vivid characters, ATS will sweep you from the boardroom to the bedroom and back again in a stunning, utterly absorbing finale that’ll leave you wanting more.’ (We can add this to the ‘Praise for the writer’ part of the book if it doesn’t make the cut as part of the synopsis..:))

    Fairly new to the ATS series but I fit the stan description quite well…

  9. Raving comments for your synopsis.

    Yes,I may be late to the party but am a huge Stan of ATS.

    Malaka,the way you write is exceptional and Inspiring. I can’t get enough of your talent.

  10. Am a huge ATS stan. I can’t get enough of Malaka’ s talent. Please publish the book.

    I have been reading this from the shadows but this post begged for a comment.

    • @Nnenna – Aha! I never realised thats where the term Stan came from. That makes sense. Someone told me a while ago that it was a combo of stalker and fan…which works too I guess 🙂


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