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My skype session with @MyAfricaIs


A couple of days ago I had a fun skype session with Nosa of MyAfricaIs and voila, there is now a video for you to check out. Thank you Nosa for the video feature, and thanks to all the wonderful contributors, readers and ‘commenters’ (even the lurkers) who make Adventures the vibrant space it is.

To watch the video click here


  1. this website is so inspiring. i’ve actually had to suppress my sexual urges. i find that there are soo many women just like me. i feel free to express myself now

  2. @nana sorry for the delay in reply. yes adventures was part of the process. for as long as i could remember, i was under the impression that my sexual curiosities were just me being freaky deaky. Your site tells me there are so many women out there with same or similar urges and what i feel is quite natural and good. i’m a very expressive person and getting a place to share my deepest desires without judegement or fear of judgement is just bliss. thank you! One of these days i will contribute as well. Baby steps 🙂


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