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PDF of ‘Sex in Utopia’ article


Hiya, I just got a copy of the PDF of my ‘Sex in Utopia’ article which is published in the current (October-December) edition of the BBC Focus on Africa magazine…its a bit hard to read in its current form, I will suggest that Mac users use the zoom function in preview. And for non Mac users perhaps someone on here can advice what to do…

The BBC Focus on Africa magazine is generally a good read – except when they publish star letters that infuriate me 🙂 – so if you can buy a print copy.

Let me know your thoughts…

Sex In Utopia (Source: BBC Focus on Africa Magazine, October-December 2012)


  1. I think your work and writing on this and related issues will help bring about the “ideal” that you see in your mind’s eye. Collectively, we need to shift! The political, sexual and personal rights of our sisters, mothers, lovers and daughters are a given and not negotiable. We all need to recognize this, and what you do more than makes a dent! Right On!
    & I will keep returning to your blog…

  2. @Joakim – Thank you so much. If in any way I can contribute to this shift that will make me very happy indeed. And yes, please keep returning to the blog.

    @Ozohu – Awww. This comment right here makes me feel so happy. I feel like my job here is done 🙂 You’re a beautiful person too x


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