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Podcast: ‘Surviving Sexual Abuse’, readings and discussions at Accra[dot]Alt’s Talk Party


On Friday 29th March, 4 writer/poet friends (Nana Akosua Hanson, Nana Nyarko Boateng, Famia Nkansa and Kuukua Dzigbordi Yomekpe) and I, participated in an ‘Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women’ discussion on ‘Surviving Sexual Abuse’ at Accra[dot]Alt’s monthly Talk Party Series. This event took place at Passion’s Cafe in Osu.

The idea behind the discussion was simple. Participating writers/poets selected stories/poems they would like to read/perform from ‘Adventures’. They could select stories they had written or select stories written by a guest contributor. They could also choose to read a story they had written or perform their own poetry (this was in reference to stories/poems not published on Adventures). This is how the evening’s event went down. Each writer/poet had about 10 minutes each to read, and then we opened up for a discussion with the audience. Billie Richardson, a psychotherapist joined the writers/poets during the question and answer session.

I am so grateful to Nana Akosua, Nana Nyarko, Famia and Kuukua who agreed to participate in this event which dealt with a subject that is so traumatic for many, many people. Feedback has been positive and already we are getting requests to do this again soon…I don’t know if I (we) will be ready to do this again so soon… I remain grateful to all the contributors to Adventures who have boldly shared their stories of surviving sexual violence with all of us.

If you would like to listen to a podcast of the session please click on the podcasts below. I have divided the podcast into 4 different sections so it uploads more easily. Do let us know your thoughts.

Talk Party 1

Talk Party 2

Talk Party 3

Talk Party 4

Some of the people that participated in the Talk Party. From left to right: Famia, Nana Darkoa, Kukuwah and Billie
Some of the people that participated in the Talk Party. From left to right: Famia, Nana Darkoa, Kukuwah and Billie



  1. @A Sunshine J 🙂 I nearly said, ‘Next time I’m in the Gambia I’ll holla at you so we organise something…’, and then I remembered that I’m scared of your leader 🙂 Hopefully this podcast gives you a sense of what went down, and is helpful even though you weren’t present physically. Please encourage the Gambian sisters to send contributions to Adventures. Thanks for commenting

  2. Lol @ Nana!! But dont let him stop us from meeting, we could still figure out a way to make something along the lines of this happen. I think its about time for it. And i’ll definitely write my own piece on one of my ‘adventures’ and share.

  3. @Thanks NinaG, some of the stories are indeed tough to listen to, it was tough for our panelists as well, and I really appreciate their bravery in doing this. I’m glad you are taking the time to listen to the recordings…

    @A Sunshine J – Absolutely 🙂 We shall back Adventures in Gambia happen when I’m next there. I look forward to your contribution.


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