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Media Adventures: Nana Darkoa to be interviewed by Amina Doherty for ‘Young Women Speak Out’


Tomorrow I will be interviewed by the fabulous Amina Doherty, hostess of ‘Young Women Speak Out’

*Ahem* Yes o, some people still think I am young. Hehe…maybe this is one of those instances of being ‘young at heart’. I digress…

Amina and I will be in conversation about all the subjects that fascinate me, and the various issues and causes I am passionate about…sexual rights, sex, sexualities…did I say sex already? Ha! We will also talk about feminism, women’s rights, pop culture, and I will be sharing some insights on my life, and how I balance the various head ties I metaphorically don.

You can listen online at 2:30pm GMT (also 10:30EST), the interview will be streamed live on Sylvia Global.

If like me you love to follow conversations on twitter use the hashtag #YoungWomenSpeakOut.

Now who’s going to volunteer to live tweet the interview and tag myself @nas009 and @sheroxlox ?

Young Women Speak Out



  1. I think the interview went well,though there were a few glitches with the internet. I like how Nana D was being so modest. Way to go missy, thumbs up

    • @ Paapa *bats eyelashes* I know right, I am so modest 😛 Re internet glitches: The lovely people at Sylvia Global will fix the few instances of breaks in transmissions shortly


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