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LSD: Reality Bites


The sun leapt out of darkness and slapped Lerato in the face with its rays. She cracked her eyelids just enough to let the light in and shut them quickly. She groaned and rolled her, head pounding furiously.


“Good morning, Beautiful.”

Lerato sat up straight in the bed and looked around her. Khalid was sitting at a side table with a tray of food in front of him. She let out a loud breath and flopped back into the bed, not bothering to hide her embarrassment. She had really done it…she had passed out drunk in the middle of “doing it”!

Khalid sat on the edge of the bed and brought her a glass of water.

“I ordered breakfast for us,” he said softly, rubbing her thigh as she sipped her water.

She looked at him warily.

“You didn’t charge it to my room, did you? It looks pretty elaborate.”

He chuckled loudly.

“No, I paid for it. I wouldn’t saddle you with a bill. Who do you take me for?”

When Lerato slowly pulled her legs over the side of the bed Khalid stopped her.

“Let me serve you,” he offered. “I didn’t know if you like tea, coffee or juice in the morning so I got you all three.”

“Tea please,” replied Lera.

Haibo! What was this? Lerato sipped her hot tea and tried to figure Khalid out. Then a thought occurred to her. She looked in the trash can for evidence of a forgotten sexual encounter.

“So last night…did we?…I mean…”

Khalid set her tea cup on the night stand and scooted her over in the bed, kissing her neck with every move.

“What fun would that be?” he scolded. “Or are you saying you’d rather not remember our first time together.”

Lerato giggled.

“Kal…are we really about to do this?”

“We’ll do whatever you want to, baby,” he said sweetly.

He was being kind, but the bulge pressed against Lerato’s thigh already told her what was going to happen next. Should she brush her teeth? Paul never wanted to make love in the morning unless they had both brushed and gurgled with mouthwash. She wished her fiancé would stop intruding into her thoughts. She banished him by pulling Khalid’s boxers off and dragging him in for a deep kiss. He moaned and encased her mouth with his. Lerato had never heard a man wail with desire before. She felt a hot liquid rush course between her legs and slide onto Khalid’s thigh. He reached under the pillow and retrieved last night’s unused rubber. His hands were trembling as he tried to put it on.

“Let me,” Lerato instructed between kisses. She took her time, feeling the full length of his engorged protrusion in her slender hands as she slid it on.

Khalid could hardly stand it. He rolled the rest of it up and plunged into her, thrusting with long, deliberate strokes.

Lera, I’ve waited so long for this. Lera, Lera, Lera…   

She arched her back and threw her legs on his shoulders, growling and staring into his eyes. Something in Khalid snapped, releasing an almost animal instinct in him. He began to pound into her with astounding speed, never taking his furious gaze away from hers. He looked angry…and she liked it. She pinched, thumbed and rubbed her clit and came all over Khalid. When she had had her climax, she expected it to be over, but Khalid wasn’t done yet.

“Let me take you from the back,” he begged, throwing her legs over and lifting her bottom. “Your ass…I’ve always loved your ass. Everything about you turns me on, Lera. Your hair, your waist, your name!”

He was fucking her with reckless abandon and showing no sign of stopping.

“Shit, Khalid!”

She looked behind her and saw that his eyes were roving all over her body. How could she make him come? Her back couldn’t take anymore. She flexed her vaginal muscles and made them tighter. This only made Khalid go harder. She ground her ass into his groin with no success. Finally she reached between her legs and began to stroke his balls which were flop, flop, flopping against her cheeks. Khalid shuddered and finally slumped, exploding with a cry that almost sounded pained.

“Come here,” he ordered, cradling her into his chest. It was covered in delicate brown hair and tickled her nose. He smelled amazing. She was lost in the presence of his masculinity when she heard him talking.

“I love you, Lera,” he was saying. “I’ve always loved you.”

“Khalid. Please. I’m not one of those girls you have to tell you love them so that you don’t feel guilty about having casual sex with them,” she said bluntly.

He pushed her away slightly so that he could look into her eyes.

“I mean it. I love you.”

“Okay, Khalid.”

“Tell me you love me too,” he said, kissing her on her temples. “Even if it’s a lie, just let me hear you say it.”

She was already going to have to lie to Paul at some point. She didn’t feel the need to compound the weight of her sins.

“I care a lot about you, Khalid.”

It was true. She did.

Something was buzzing in the pocket of his jeans. Khalid reluctantly picked up his phone and froze when he looked at the screen.

“Please ignore everything you hear,” he implored her.


He sat on the edge of the bed and cleared his throat.

Hey Tendrils! How was your exam? Good…good. Oh you’re going to take a shower? Can I come and scrub your back?

Lera rolled her eyes and picked up a magazine. She absently flipped through the glossy pages plastered of important up and coming African business men and women dressed in dark suits. When Khalid was finally done, he smiled at her sheepishly.


“Yeah…that’s what I call Ivy,” he explained. “Because she’s long and lean like a plant.”

“Oh…well I call Paul ‘Cupcakes’ – because that’s his favorite snack.”

Lera tried to make light of the situation, but it was obvious that she was upset. Khalid cupped her breasts and nuzzled them softly.

“Hey…why are we talking about our exes?” he asked incredulously.

“Because they’re NOT our exes,”Lera said, pushing his hands away gently. “I think it’s time we got showered and left. I have some stuff I need to do in town.”

Khalid nodded reluctantly, kicking himself for answering the phone. He should have just responded with a text…told Ivy he was in a meeting – anything! He tried to fix it.

“So do you think we could link up again later?” he asked hopefully.

“We’ll see,” Lera said pensively, leading him to the door once he was fully dressed. “After all, I think you have a date with Ivy’s back.”


“Goodbye, Khalid.”



  1. I actually rolled my eyes right before i read ”Lera rolled her eyes and picked up a magazine”. Certain responses to certain male behaviour just cut across board, dont they? Good one, Malaka

  2. @ Naa Adjeley, as the first cock in this hen house(this article)l think it’s only far that l’ld be allowed to audition for Khalid’s role. Hehe. Can see myself winning the award for BEST MALE IN A SUPPORTING ROLE.

    • Eiii! Paapa, make sure you are up for the challenge. (You decide if there is a pun intended)

      @Naa Adjeley, I think Lerato would make a wonderful musical! Can you beat box? We need human sound effects for drunken snoring, teeth sucking and eyelash batting. Auditions to be held at 3 pm 😉

  3. Can we have visuals? I wanna see how Lerato/Khalid/Paul/Ivy look like….

    Please let Khalid be fine because if he looks like a warthog, it’s going to be quite problematic.

    • Forgot to add, I like how the interracial relationship involves a Middle Easterner, as opposed to the default, a white man (or is Paul white?).It makes for a very interesting cultural backdrop. I’m also keen in seeing how this backdrop hinders or caters to the growth of this relationship, albeit its illicit nature.

  4. Believe me: Khalid is HAWT. The guy they sacked from Saudi Arabia hot.

    Paul is actually from Kenya, which I’ll get to soon. Of course, this will present it’s own set of challenges with race, perceived inferiority/superiority and so forth.

    But the point is that Khalid is smokin’ hot.

  5. Nana Akosua! Girl, I missed you too! My unfortunate Adventures hiatus is over for the moment. I’m so glad your back. You, Ozohu, Abena and Pinky put the color inside of my writing world, I swear.

  6. Malaka!Malaka!Malaka is back!where the ATS voltrons at?Ozohu,Pinky,Naa Akosua at?
    Please let’s gang up against Malaka so she would give us our daily fix as junkies!
    Loved this update,was getting all ‘hot’ just reading it.

    • I beg you ooo! This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the people I am fans of. If I don’t mention Ebenezer Scrooge for example, he will send me to the river god behind his grandfather’s house. 😉

      I will do my best to write as often as I can. When you see what Aamir does to Lerato eh? You sef you go shock!

  7. @ Saffrron,

    Hey dear , glad to be of humorous service to you. But I didn’t mean to be. I’m genuinely concerned. I had a particular scenario come to mind, and it was quite physically traumatizing.

    Client, is that you enjoy torturing us or what’s the deal?? Next installment, pretty please and thank you.

  8. This is wierd. I’m the one who doesn’t like interracial, and my real name is in the story (Lera’s fiance). And to make things worse, a girl I was in a relationship with and broke it off because I wasn’t sure, says she’s now in one with an Injun dude! While I was just working on our frienship progressing ‘naturally’ (rather than unexplained ‘love at first sight’)…


  9. That is FUNNY. Poor Zeebu! I’ll be looking for your comments as the series progresses to see if fiction is mirroring reality… which apparently bites for you, in this instance at least.

    Pole sana! 🙂


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