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New Look, New Book!


Greetings fellow Adventurers!

Things are shaking up over here on Adventures. We have a new look and loads of great new content. To add to that, this summer promises to be a blockbuster for readers and writers of African fiction and chick-lit (if it’s still PC to call it that.)  Chimamanda Adiche has written Americanah, Nnnenna Marcia and VV are about to be published, and yours truly finally put finger tips to keyboard and completed the mandate that I’ve put off for far too long…

ATS will be available in print on May 10th. (shiii!)

That’s right guys, we’ve penned our first novel!

Look for The Daughters of Swallows on bookshelves and on Amazon.com. We can discuss how my fellow ATSians feel about how everything ended with the girls. Was it a fitting end? Did everyone get their just desserts? Was Tony everything he presented himself to be? Questions, fila and sappor!

Malaka BookCover2


    • LOL! Thank you luvin’! Both. I’m looking into getting it printed in Ghana as well, so it can be available to my people on demand. 🙂
      I can’t wait for your book to come out. It’s going to blow the roof off, I’m sure!!

  1. Herh!!! Kwasi Gyekye’s daughter!!! You’ve finally done it!!! Had already consulted the priest behind my GrandFather’s farm, yes, that very one twenty steps from the stream to ensure you continually have bad hair days until you publish… Now, thou art free… Book Launch, Book Launch… Aha!!! Oh, and bring Stone over for Summer Camp over at Chorkor… When he returns, Tarzan saf won’t come close..

  2. Herh! SCROOGE you! So you are the one responsible for my unkempt appearance? See your life. As for the book launch dierr, it has to go down. Ask your grandfather if we can catch some small fish for the guests.

    AM: As for you, I have to apologize to you. No, no! Just take the “I’m sorry”. I made you a promise last year and failed, but I think now is the right time. Thank you for pushing me 🙂

  3. Congratulations Malaka….i guess with so many ladies getting published, boring reading nights for me are a thing of the past!

    VV getting published?! Tell me more…

  4. Congratulations!! and may you have many more published works. I look forward to reading The Daughters of Swallows.

    Pulitzer, Caine, Commonwealth writers … and the winner is Malaka!


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