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How come more Adventurers aren’t using the Forums?


Questioning woman

I know that Nana and Malaka have listened to many of us who wanted a place to hang out without cluttering up the comment section of stories and other people’s issues, so now that is is here, why are we not using it?

There is a category for everyone and EVERYTHING in the forums: Straight, Gay, Bi/Transexual, Married, Single, Dating, Looking, Abused…you name it, you can start a topic for it. There are even areas for your jokes and polls too.


What do you call a street-smart Ghanaian?

A NIGERIAN! BOOM! In your face!!! 🙂

Okay, okay. I kid. You know I secretly want to be Ewe.

Also, there is an area called ‘The Lounge’ in which you can just hang out and chat with other people after a long hard day at work. Why don’t you go there and introduce yourself today? Aren’t you tired of being a lurker already?

Come on. Jump in! The water’s fine.



    • I encountered a similar problem over the last two days – when I’m on the go, I access the site via my phone but the forum section is inaccessible. I thought it was a glitch with my phone but – I suppose not, knowing Ewenyonu experienced a similar challenge.

  1. Just go to the very top of the Adventures page on the right and click on ‘Forums’. That’s it! You’re in!


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