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Join our Google Hangout: ‘Reconciling Sex with Our Faith’


Save the date people. Our very first Google hangout will take place this Friday, 17th January at 17:00 GMT. The topic for discussion will be ‘Reconciling sex with our faith’ and yes, that also includes ‘no faith’, all traditional religions…the conversation will be open and informal.

I will facilitate the conversation with our resource people being Malaka, Ekuba and Ekene who is new to the Adventures family and so I am particularly looking forward to hearing her thoughts, as well as those of our much loved regulars.

As soon as I figure out how to pre schedule the Google hangout (I was having difficulties when I tried earlier), I’ll post the link here. The hangout will also be live tweeted via @adventurefrom and the lovely folks @BloggingGhana have agreed to live tweet at all. Which just made me realise we need a short, snappy hashtag for twitter. How about #AdSex? Ad, short for Adventures clearly. What do you think?

Do you have nay questions that you would like answered on the hangout? Ask away in the comments below

Update 1: Join the Google hangout live here

Update 2: Watch the recording of the hangout by clicking here




  1. What, no comments? Does this mean that everyone has had this discussion with their pastor or psychiatrist?

    Have you gotten the link yet? Is the discussion still on? I’m not on Twitter. Will I miss anything. Should I join? What’s a hashtag? Who’s gonna tell me how it works?


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