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It’s difficult to explain the rush of fluids within my system every time I look at Kwame.
And those fluids? All so delicious and welcome.
They say you do not need to be with everyone you fall in love with, to be glad you even found love in the first place-I agree.
I do not know what draws me to Kwame. Physically he is just okay. But when he spoke, he was my personal Michelangelo. I cannot forget my fingers on his lean, hard body or the intensity in his dark, often hooded eyes.
I do not know how old he is but every time I ask, he says “Girl, I could be your sugar daddy!”
And in laughing it off, the question never got answered. I reckoned he could have been ten years my senior. But who cares? I think I loved him. Because his touch, his smile, his whole friggin aura permeated my soul.
I wanted him, I wanted all of him but he was taken. So we tried to be content with the occasional hello and the random tipping and pouring of each into the other. He was so gentle and still so forceful in his loving. Like when he turned me sharply around and thrust into me the first time we were together. Hmm! Sweet chuckle moment.
One day in the middle of the night on a Friday night, I was alone in bed wondering how everybody was out except me. My phone beeped in rapid succession.
Telegram self-destruct messages…have you ladies heard of those? It’s the new, techy safe way to get dirty without traces.
I almost dropped my phone when I opened the message. A picture of Kwame’s dick filled my screen.

God! That rod of life.
He said…”Give in to me babe; I want to experience all of you
. . If you say no, I will crawl away and die”
Me: “Hahaha, dude, not tonight”
Kwame: “Do not reject me for high moral reasons that are unreal compared to our passion”
“I want to devour your brain and your body”
I laughed so hard.
This man knew how to get to me.
I said, “ei Bruh, way3 wild wo hu?” -Ei bruh, you mean business huh?
“Girl, I am not your bruh, I want to cannibalize your entire pudenda, I will ‘eat’ you”
“Me di wo gyata di3” -I will fuck you like a tiger
I am like
O wow, this is new. Nobody has ever talked twi dirty to me ever. It sounded funny but was such an original turn on.
“Wo se sen? wo b3 ye me den?”-What did you say ? What will you do to me?
He calmy said, …”Bae wo naen mu ma me”-Spread your legs for me.
My mouth had fallen reflex ajar, I was eyeing my dress and wondering how long it would take to slip into it and drive to his end.


  1. Seriously? To be continued? Not cool at all. I was really enjoying it. Cant wait to read the continuation to this piece.

  2. Nice. but please translate the twi for those of us that are not native speakers of it. Thanks!! Great to see you writing again, pt!!

  3. Hahaha! Sorry, just thought I should tease you all a bit.
    kwabena, I will surely continue. I cannot waste him.
    AM, thanks for welcoming ne back, you are very kind.
    sorry about the two. I will just insert meaning so it flows.
    kisses to you.

  4. @AM, the Twi was translated. The sentence(s) after the dash were translations of what had been said in Twi 🙂

    @Purple Tussle, I believe this is what some refer to as ‘dickmatised’. Enjoyable read …waiting for part 2 🙂

  5. I burst out laughing at “medi wo gyata die”…and I’m at work! Thats sooo damn sexy and funny and daring and all sorts of lovely things all at once (of course only when said at the right time otherwise you’re getting slapped)


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