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‘What I want you to do to me’ by Sokostina


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The way you look at me,

It sends uninterrupted communication to my delicate sophistication,

That without hesitation,

You want to ravish me


You slowly and seductively unbutton my blouse,

I get aroused, I want you now!

Without reasonable doubt, I want you now!


Your hands hungrily cup my breasts, squeeze them without regret.

You free them from bra captivity into your mouth

that feels like volcanic activity,

oh, I know you are going to ravish me


The beast in you is fully awake of course I feel it,

As you slide your hands down my waist,

Caress my ass and find my honeypot, such melting pot,

Ready to be ravished right by my gspot


Don’t waste time, I am wet, dripping wet.

I am shivering, oh please

Suck me, lick me, and devour me.

Use your tongue to find your lost treasure

It is my pleasure to slither

Oh no, this isn’t closure.



Aaaaaahhhhh baby

Take me not baby

You know I want it so badly!


Without delay you spread my legs wide,

And as you gently slide in;

That Beyonce song starts playing in my mind:

“its too big, its wide, its too much, it wont fit!”

But like a hand into a glove it fits perfectly.


I take a deep sigh and whisper, Ravish me baby,

ravish me!




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