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Visual Prompt: By Invitation Only

llustration of a woman beckoning her man to join her in bed

Say it with me:




“So soon???”

This is it, Adventurers! This is the end of our visual journey through erotic space and time. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

But though this is the last image in our arsenal, that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop here! The submissions been amazing – and hot (so freaking hot) – so keep ’em coming! Our last visual prompt is inspired by the mission of Adventures from the Bedrooms of African women itself: That is, women taking power in their own beds and dictating the direction of their personal pleasure.

Shouts out to HOLAA! for amplifying the work on Twirra. Much love to all our dear readers and fantastic contributors for the stories these images have prompted you to write and submit.

And now, foh de lasstime: Write a story inspired by this image and send it to adventuresfrom[at]gmaildotcom



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