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Lockdown Thoughts by Jessica

Image of a woman masturbating

“Who’s fucking you?”… You…I say faintly…

“What’s my name??” …”Essien”…I say breathlessly…

“Say my name again”…He said stroking me deeper…”Fuck! Essien!”…I scream…

With that, he pulled my arms back forcing my chest to arch and my breasts to leap forward…

“Fuck…You…feel…so…good…” He grunts

“Ooohh…fuck me…please”…I beg as though he isn’t already pounding his hard throbbing dick inside me…

“Fuck…You’re so wet”….

“Yes…yes…oh yes…fuck…”

Sigh! How I wish this was what I was doing right now…but alas…COVID 19 has plagued the world and I must abide by the rules because I have to be a good global citizen…so I sit here, by my window staring into the abyss of snow, my view isn’t so bad so I don’t really mind.

The thought of Essien delicious punishing rhythm instantly takes over my thoughts and I smile to myself, thinking about how tightly I will cradle him between my legs when I finally see him after this self-isolation and social distancing period ends… how I will claw his back, make a mental note to fix my nails by then, claw his back as he holds me tightly and fills me… oh how I cannot wait and how I long for him…

I shift unconsciously, sitting by my window running my fingers through my inner thighs, what better time to explore my body than now when I have no choice but to stay indoors, and what better reason to try out the various ways in which I can masturbate.

You see, we were blessed with very vivid imaginations which are directly intuned to our anatomy, by which I mean, as the thought of Essien running his fingers on my back the way he does as he tells me to relax while I sit and ride him goes through my mind, I feel the chills run through my spine and with that my body reacts by flooding my panties and has my nipples on attention.

That is something I will forever relish and embrace, I mean how dare I not marvel at all that magic. I say magic because it a science no one is yet to understand and most are afraid of exploring.

While the world is on lockdown, take it as the perfect timing to explore your body and deep dive into your imagination to find what makes your body feel all the good vibrations of pleasure.



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