#WeMustKunyaza – The Hashtag Gateway to Orgasmic Life

I happened upon #WeMustKunyaza today in Twitter, and I don’t think my life will be the same from today forward. If you are one of the millions of unfortunate women for whom ultimate pleasure has eluded for so long – or if you want to experience a new type of climax –  I hope this will serve an new enlightenment, my beloved Adventurers!

Everyone knows that Africa holds the secrets to an abundant life lived on this earth. The majority of the world’s wealth is found in Africa. The first human beings came out of Africa. The first orgasm was therefore achieved in Africa. Why, then, has it eluded we its descendants for so long? It is unconscionable!

The numbers on how many women fail to reach orgasm during sex are abysmal. We’ve discussed them before. It’s estimated that 7/10 women will never experience an orgasm in their life. They may as well have never taken a breath! For a long time, I too was one of those women…and I was resigned to the fact that perhaps my body wasn’t built for an orgasm. What a fool I was. That’s like accepting that one’s body was never meant to ingest water.

Water is the key to life.

Orgasms are the key to life.

And according to Kenya’s Ssengas, the key to life is in your fingertips! It is expected that a woman not only achieves orgasm during every sexual encounter, but that she also squirts at the final curtain call. Men are expected to persist, push and pleasure their way through the encounter until they have been crowned with an orgasmic deluge dubbed the kunyaza.

Look, I’ve said enough. Please watch this video and take your orgasm(s) into your own hands. Then lets figure out how we can dispatch Ssengas all over the globe!



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