ANDYMKOSI is a Creative Entrepreneur whose work reflects and interprets life as it exists. It is an extension of the reflexive exploration of the world around her, a way of understanding her own lived experience as a black woman from the township and presents her observations with startling sincerity.  When she began photographing the one thing she always leaned towards, was working with fellow creatives and documenting their journey for archives sake. She has had the pleasure of spending time and documenting  some of South Africa’s finest talents like Zoe Modiga, Thesis ZA, Neo Muyanga, Lira, Lefifi Tladi and more.

Together with filmmaker and writer Tseliso Monaheng, she produces an award nominated visual arts podcast called This Audio is Visual engaging visual artists across Africa and the Diaspsora. It was nominated by the African Podcast and Voice Awards for 2022 under the Arts category.

 In 2020, she launched a project called Queer Audio is Visual, which aims to make visible visual arts in the Queer community of South Africa.

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