We think there is a serious lack of relevant and useful information about the sexuality of African women. This blog is a space for African women to share tips, experiences and more...
Published on: 15 November 2017 by in General Issues
Definitions of Femininity

What makes you a woman? What circumstances need to exist in your life to feel as though you’ve earned the title and trappings of womanhood? I ask because there has been a longtime conversation raging in popular culture about what makes a man “a man”. The responses are very limited in range, in my view, […]

Published on: 12 November 2017 by in General Issues
Sex thoughts from the son of a pastor by Guest Contributor Danyl Oppong

I have been thinking a lot about what will happen if I write this. I am a born-again youth leader in my church, son of a pastor, and a bible enthusiast. But I don’t know how I’ll deal with the thoughts ravaging my mind. In my walk to the future, I have uncovered something about […]

Published on: 08 November 2017 by in Erotica
Video: Nana Darkoa reads ‘Three is definitely not a crowd’

I had a lot of fun sharing, reading and being in conversation with the SOAS community about my passion and work documenting the diverse stories around African women, sex and sexualities. Some of you may be familiar with my story ‘Three is definitely not a crowd’, which I read in the video below. In Nollywood […]

Published on: 05 November 2017 by in General Issues
3 reasons why relationship are not all that

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being in conversation with my sister-activist-friend Dr Njoki Wamai at an event hosted by the Queens College Feminist Society and FLY- Women of Colour Forum. One woman shared that she and a friend had concluded that perhaps they had to give up on the possibility of finding good relationships […]

Published on: 29 October 2017 by in General Issues
Sexual pleasure is a right

In January 2009, Malaka and I began blogging about sex and sexualities. For me the inspiration had been going on a girls holiday with a group of women from different African countries, and having the most open, non judgemental conversations about sex that I had ever had (at the time). I knew that I wanted […]

Published on: 24 October 2017 by in General Issues
Nana Darkoa to speak at SOAS on ‘Sex and Sexualities’

I am super excited (and slightly nervous) that I will be speaking at SOAS University of London this Thursday 26th October at 5pm. I will speak to why I think its important for African women to document our own stories around sex and sexualities, share some of the African feminist work on sexualities that I […]

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Sexing 2-3 times a week

Earlier today I was filling a form about my sex life. One of the questions was, ‘how many times a week do you have sex?’ I redirected the question to my partner. ‘How many times a week do we have sex hun?’. His reply: “Twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays”. I laughed at the […]

Published on: 12 September 2017 by in General Issues
‘Benevolent patriarchy or why I will never return to Badu Lounge’ by Guest Contributor Ms Afrakomah

This past August, on a cool post-rain Saturday night, I made my way towards Labone for a date night with a new guy. I had met him through the creative circles in Accra and was really excited to get dressed up with my newly installed honey brown Fulani braids, and floral print short halter top […]

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#FutureAfricaSex: Sexbots and SexEd by Guest Contributor Saffron & Lace

I was excited to read on the website that Adventuresfrom was hosting a twitter chat about the future of African Sex – the possibilities of the conversation were boundless. I was unable to join the conversation at the time it occurred but I caught up with the conversation later on Twitter and on the website. […]

Published on: 27 August 2017 by in General Issues
Reproductive health: What’s the worst thing your Dr or healer said to you?

Recently I went to see an alternative Dr. This is a man I have seen previously, and so I decided to return to him as part of my quest to get my body healthy, and particularly because I am looking to start the baby making process. So as we chatted about the reason why I […]