The Elephant in the Room (A Coming Out Story)

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  • I absolutely LOVE this animation, and am so glad we were able to make it. Short story:

    As you all know, the Hate Bill has soured the social climate in Ghana, creating dangerous conditions for the LGBTQ+ community and allies/sympathizers. I asked the artist how they wanted to be credited for this work, and they explained that they could not. Doing so could potentially put them at risk – or worse – make them a target for harassment. This artist is not a member of the Rainbow community, but was happy to do this work as they believe in liberty for all.

    If you are someone who believes that art, as Nina Simone once famously said, must reflect the times, you can no doubt appreciate how this draconian bill will stifle the expression of art for the mere fact that it is designed to generate fear. One create freely in an atmosphere governed by fear.

    Though we cannot name you publicly, thank you Dear Animator for this stellar work and for your spirit of collaboration!

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