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Published on: 13 June 2018 by in Creative Non Fiction
IVF journeys: the worst part is…

The worst part of going through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) were the drugs. Setting my alarm to take the tablets on time, mixing liquids with powder and drawing the solution up into the syringe, lifting up my top, looking into the mirror and injecting first in the roll of flesh that sits to the left […]

Published on: 03 June 2018 by in General Issues
‘Can we talk?’ by guest contributor Xy

Come here, sit down, let’s talk I see your skin tightening at the length of my breath Like I’m the origin of the youthful beauty that illuminates your personality Your pores opening to be filled with erotic ecstasy of a love long lost Your heart losing sight of what it feels like to pump blood […]

Published on: 17 May 2018 by in General Issues
Finding pleasure: a song or poem

Turn the lights down low Light some candles Deep red ones Mellow white ones Fill the room with your favourite scents The smell of passionfruit Of lavender Of rose Allow your sheets to caress you Allow your sheets to fall where they will And your body to follow Limbs akimbo Exhale Let it all out […]

Published on: 11 May 2018 by in Creative Non Fiction
Men: if you hate period sex, you have issues

Nana, can you imagine that Auntie Rose came to town today? It’s the worst possible timing. I am flying tomorrow to Berlin to meet up with Kofi. I am desperate for some good action and now I just have to hope that Auntie Rose leaves town in 3 days.   Ah, but Ama what are […]

Published on: 28 April 2018 by in Creative Non Fiction
Join our twitter chat with the editors of #SheCalledMeWoman

I am super excited to share that I will be facilitating a twitter chat with Azeenarh Mohammed, Chitra Nagarajan, and Rafeeat Aliyu, the editors of #SheCalledMeWoman on Friday, 4th May at 1 pm GMT via @adventurefrom #SheCalledMeWoman is a collection of 25 first-person stories narrated by diverse queer Nigerian Women. In my opinion, this book is an […]

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‘Exquisite pussies and heavenly dildos’ by guest contributor Amae

[Some of you may remember an earlier version of this post. This is a refix thanks to our fav partners HOLAAfrica. Read it!] It’s Friday night. I’ve been waiting for this all week; tonight I have her to myself. Now, I may seem overly eager for this but you need to understand, I’ve been dreaming […]

Published on: 10 April 2018 by in Fiction
God is in control

What would sex be like if we were never taught that our bodies are dirty and sinful? What would it be like to make love if you believed my body was pure and full of light, and I was convinced that yours was just as sacrosanct? You showed me; that night in Dakar. Remember? It […]

Published on: 02 April 2018 by in General Issues
When Did You First Feel Safe With Sexual Exploration?

There is a common thread that runs across African cultures; particularly those that share inherited (or imposed) values from Victorian colonizers. That thread is that we are taught to suppress, ignore and abhor sexual desires or curiosity. Puritanical culture put further limitations on that curiosity by teaching us that nudity is shameful and something that […]

Published on: 26 March 2018 by in Heterosexual
Have you noticed an increase in women choosing childbirth over marriage?

Hey, Adventurers! There is a question that has been puzzling me for a week or more, and I can think of no better place to find answers than right here. I’ll be asking you all to put on your Mma Ramotswe power-of-observation-caps, grab a cup of red bush tea and help come to the bottom […]

Published on: 19 March 2018 by in Creative Non Fiction
Visual Prompt: By Invitation Only

Say it with me: “Awwww!!!” “Noooo!!!!” “Why??!?!” “So soon???” This is it, Adventurers! This is the end of our visual journey through erotic space and time. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. But though this is the last image in our arsenal, that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop here! The submissions been amazing […]