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Survival: Minnie’s Story

This submission is in response to the call for stories of surviving violence as part of the global campaign, 16 Days of activism against gender based violence. Submit your stories via adventuresfrom[at]gmail dot com   I remember the first time¬† I met him if I knew what it would end up to I would have […]

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‘What I want you to do to me’ by Guest Contributor D

Read ‘What I want you to do to me’ by Nana Darkoa here, and Wolverine’s contribution here. What do you want your lover to do to you? Tell us via adventuresfrom [at] gmail dot com and we shall consider posting   I want you to take your time with me. Inhale my scent and tell […]

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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence: Share Your Stories of Survival

  Today mark’s the start of the global campaign on ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence’. What this means is that activists all over the world use this period to create even more awareness on the need for an end to violence against women and marginalised communities. And yes, an end to violence, […]

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‘Do you…?’ by Guest Contributor Wolverine

So you are with someone who totally digs you, Who has that mental stimulation you crave in a partner, Who makes you feel like you are royalty each time. So you are with someone whose company you enjoy and for once do not endure….. Who makes you laugh so hard you cry , And who […]

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The red notifications on facebook are a cross between intrigue and despair. Most of the time they’re useless updates or someone inviting me to play candy crush. I’m forever removing myself from update notifications. So when I saw a message request alert I thought it must have been one of the relatives I’m always blocking […]

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A reply to, ‘What I want you to do to me’ by Guest Contributor Wolverine

Wolverine sent me her response to my post of yesterday, ‘What I want you to do to me’, and I thought, what a great idea. How about we make this a bit of a thing. Think about what you want your partner/lover to do to you, write it down and send to Adventures. What say […]

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Lay me down on the bed Keep your eyes fixed on me Let me see the desire in your eyes That you want me That you need me That you can’t wait to have me And be had by me Run your fingers over my face Touch the soft of my lips Lean in Nip […]

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I thought she wanted me to be a man.

For my new HOLAA friends and old Adventures family. I’m sorry I’ve been away. Love, N. XOXO I’d never tried a strap-on before I met her, not one for the introduction of a phallus into lesbian love affairs. I considered myself a ‘pure lesbian’ or at least pure in terms of not having any instruments […]

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‘Living positively’ by Guest Contributor Wolverine

It’s been four years since I was diagnosed HIV positive. ¬†Everything came to a standstill, I felt lost , hurt and angry. He had cheated on me over and over again, but I chose to turn a blind eye, after all. I wanted marriage, children and cultural respect.   Yes, I wanted to experience that […]

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Buy ‘It Wasn’t Exactly Love’

When I initially came back from the 2012 Farafina writers workshop I wrote my first creative piece, ‘A short time…’ and I am especially happy to tell you all now that Farafina has published a collection of short stories by myself and a number of writers who took part in the 2012 workshop. All our […]