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Published on: 25 February 2015 by in Creative Non Fiction
Love Memoirs by Guest Contributor Miss Jay: Part 3

[This is a multi part story. Read part 1 here and part 2 here.] For the first time in many months I was on a flight and couldn’t sleep. Usually I was dozing off even before the plane taxied off. I downed two bottles of wine, hoping it would take the edge off the pain […]

Published on: 20 February 2015 by in Erotica, Fiction, Heterosexual, Relationships
Mandy’s Delight (I) by Guest Contributor Pamm

The house was awfully quiet for a Friday. Usually Mandy would be watching some ridiculous show and laughing her ass off. Idris locked the door behind him and made his way upstairs. Soon as he entered the candle lit bedroom he knew something was up. And it definitely came up in his trousers. Mandy was sitting […]

Published on: 16 February 2015 by in Relationships

Last week I wrote a very serious article on Mind of Malaka entitled “Should Christian Men Hit it From the Back?” The post was in response to a question a woman in my church had asked me. This particular congregant is a 40 year old virgin, and in a few months, she will be a […]

Published on: 16 February 2015 by in Fiction, Lesbian
Hey, you.

  I knew when I saw you across the lobby that I wanted to taste your pussy. How had I even missed you the whole three-day conference? I must have been a zombie. You shook my hand firmly, said ‘Hello’ in your gorgeous East African accent and I came to life. You held it for […]

Published on: 12 February 2015 by in bisexual, Heterosexual, Lesbian, Relationships
‘Orgasms or Bust’ by Guest Contributor Double Aunt Andre

Top 5 things that run through my mind during sex (if I think them all simultaneously, it’s really bad): (He is going down on me) Why does this remind me of a carwash every time? They say it’s difficult to find a big woman’s clit but how come I find it so easy by myself? […]

Published on: 10 February 2015 by in Creative Non Fiction
Love Memoirs by Guest Contributor Miss Jay: Part 2

[Read part 1 here] I kept thinking about that first evening, the passion we shared, the desire that almost consumed us. Somehow we had managed to retain enough sanity not to strip each other naked and make love right there on the couch in his office. I had been all for it. I couldn’t have […]

Published on: 09 February 2015 by in General Issues
Storify of tweets from ‘Love and Sex in the 21st Century’

[View the story “Fashion Plus: Love & Sex in the 21st Century” on Storify]

Published on: 05 February 2015 by in Creative Non Fiction
Love Memoirs by Miss Jay: Part 1

We have been good friends for the longest time, I admired his brilliant intelligence and infectious sense of humor. We always had a good time whether we were discussing serious issues, or just exchanging gossip. He was a mischievous tease and in spite of my own wit and quick sense of humor, he somehow always […]

Published on: 02 February 2015 by in General Issues
Naughty cakes from Pink Panda bakery

Can you imagine my joy when a new bakery opened on my street. Oh the joy! And yes, the temptation. So far I have tried the red velvet cupcake, coconut ring doughnut (a house speciality), and because sometimes I just need some sugar, I had to pop in one day for a sugar coated ring […]

Published on: 01 February 2015 by in General Issues
Nana Darkoa on Starr Fm talking about all things sex related: Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Kafui Dei on Starr Fm. Your thoughts?

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