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Music has the power to get us in the right mood, be it working, cooking, a night out with friends and most especially SEX!.  Play me the whole Album of Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream and you can unlock emotions that even I never thought existed. His voice has that velvet feel that literally melts my core. […]

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Marissa clicked through the channels on the TV.  She did not settle on any one channel long enough to  find out what was happening. This behavior was more of a nervous habit she formed through the years. She glanced over at her phone, the missed calls and texts could wait. She was living in this […]

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Sacred Romance (Part 3) – By Guest Contributor – Spiritual

(Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here)    If they had not been kissing, she would have yelled. He slowly started maneuvering down her body. This time, he wasn’t teasing her. He took her left boob in his mouth, grabbed the right with one hand while his other hand explored her depths in search of her G-spot. […]

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Sacred Romance (Part 2) – By Guest Contributor – Spiritual

(Read Part 1 here)    They managed to walk to her bedroom with their clothes still intact. ”Dan, are you sure about this”  Sally asked, not that she care what his reply would be. He didn’t answer, he just grabbed her face and planted a wet kiss on her lips. A sensual, soul rattling lip lock ensued. Their tongues […]

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Marissa did not quite know exactly where she was heading. She could hear the rush of water in the distance and saw signs directing her to the falls, but she moved cautiously down the rough terrain, making sure to plant her feet carefully one in front of the other. She held the book bag with […]

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Sacred Romance – By Guest Contributor – Spiritual

Sally’s relationship with her husband deteriorated by the day. The spark was gone. At thirty-three years, she is still desirable. She is average in height, her breasts are still firm even after giving birth to two kids. She still notice the lusty glances thrown at her by men wherever she went. She is a perfect package. Sally works as a manager […]

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Candy (Part 2) – By Guest Contributor – BlakkNProud

(Read Candy Part 1 here)    If anyone had told me that months after young Femi reported for duty he would be ploughing through me on my office floor, I would have had a good laugh in that person’s face and probably said, “Oh that small boy?? Please!” But here we both were, not bothering […]

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Marissa tightened her thighs around his waist and he responded by pushing her body up the wall that was supporting her. She whispered in his ear, “My body is swelling up at the thought of you inside of me. She punctuated the sentence with a small bite of his ear lobe. Paris understood almost instinctively […]

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Candy – By Guest Contributor – BlakkNProud

Sitting across from him now in our conference room, I couldn’t believe that just a year ago this specimen only existed in my mind. This tall, hot glass of dark, frothy chocolate milk topped with sweet chocolate syrup had only been a faceless image to cum to every other day. Now he was a reality. […]

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Video: Should you stay friends with your ex?

In an ideal world I like to stay friends with my ex. It doesn’t make sense to me that you should stop talking/hanging out with someone when you’ve shared bodily fluids with them. But as we all know the world is far from ideal, and I think that a healthy break from a past lover […]