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Published on: 26 August 2016 by in Creative Non Fiction
‘I am tired of bad sex’ by Guest Contributor Ruby Woo

I am tired of bad sex. Now don’t get me wrong: throughout my twenties, I have had some of the most adventurous and thrilling sexual experiences. But this period also came with some very awkward, uncomfortable and downright displeasurable sexual encounters. And unfortunately, for many women dating cisgender straight men, this is an all too […]

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‘Spirit Women: Connecting with Femininity and Womanhood’ by Guest Contributor Timehin

[This post was read at #Chalewote2016 as part of Timehin’s contribution to the panel readings and conversation. Thank you Timehin for your incredible contributions to the Spirit Women session.] It’s a bit ironic that I feel most in touch with my spirit, the spirit of my femininity and womanhood, the spirit of God within me, […]

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Spirit Living

[Thank you and the spirits for responding to this call. The audience at Chalewote deeply appreciated it. Thank you Sokari for allowing your powerful images of Spirit Desire to be shared on this platform] Dear Adventures,   Greetings in the name of the ancestors, spirit guides and Orishas. I cannot give you a bio or […]

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‘Spirit Desire’ at Spirit Women

One of the really amazing things that keeps happening with the Spirit Women panel we will be holding at #Chalewote2016 is how all the right people and right energies are coming together to create what is bound to be an exciting evening of conversations, readings, music and imagery. When I thought that our panel couldn’t […]

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‘Adventures’ at Chalewote 2016

I’m delighted that ‘Adventures’ is returning to #Chalewote this year with my love and co-conspirator Paula Azugibiwe who is all kinds of wonderful: a talented writer/editor, all round creative, and probably one of the biggest supporters of Chalewote that I have ever known. She has been travelling to Chalewote from wherever in the world that she […]

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‘Ethical Slut’ by Guest Contributor, Nana Akosua Hanson

I am delighted to have Nana Akosua Hanson return to the ‘Adventures’ session at Chalewote2016 which I organise with my sister friend Paula. Enjoy Nana Akosua’s contribution to our Spirit Women call out, and send your contribution ASAP if you have not already done so. See you at #Chalewote2016. Love, Nana Darkoa   I’m a […]

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Trust sex positive feminists with the #Afrifem revolution

Recently I was having a conversation with some fellow African feminists and over the vino we were getting into issues of where and how to get your good sex and the issue of intersectionality came up, as it does with any bunch of feminists worth their salt. Although we agreed on a number of issues […]

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Forums: How do I win my wife back?

Dear Adventurers, what advice would you give to this gentleman below. Do share in the comments. And Nnenna, nope, we don’t have the forums anymore 😛  I’m a Nigerian male in my early 40’s..  I’ve been married to my wife for 12 years.  She’s in her late 30’s. We met in the States in 1998 […]

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Calling all Spirit Women

Adventures is calling for stories from spirit women for a session that will take place at #ChaleWote2016 – Africa’s largest street art festival. See more info on SPIRIT WOMEN below, and if this strikes a chord, share your story and a short bio with us in any form under 500 words. We’ll select a few stories […]

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A good and wise friend of mine – whose sexual history is far more exciting and expansive than mine will ever be – one told me that when a woman is questioned about her body count, she must respond with a number that both realistic and respectable. You know; one that portrays her as experienced […]