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Greetings, Adventurers! To our married Adventurers out there: Are you absolutely dreading Valentine’s Day? Is it just another item you have to attend to on your already long list of things to do? Pick up kids Finish report for work Be sexy for the bae on Valentine’s Day If so, you’re not alone. I’m totally […]

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‘When sex ends when the man comes, don’t kill him!’ by Guest Contributor @ttaaggooee

Once again we found ourselves just inches off Osu’s one-way streets at our usual Attiéké location where three entrepreneurial Francophone ladies has set up their business. Selling Attiéké (akin to moist gari), complemented with avocado, fish, fried chicken, kelewele and of course spicy pepper sauce. Occasionally, these nutritious food on one table circled by young […]

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‘Wanted: A Community of Vaginas’ by Guest Contributor Efua

My vagina needed a context of other vaginas – a community, a culture of vaginas. There’s so much darkness and secrecy surrounding them – like the Bermunda Triangle…. Paraphrased from the Vagina monologues      I woke up to a beeping phone that seemed more determined than ever to wake me up. I had to […]

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A response to: ‘If a man wants to sleep with a woman, how should he approach her?’

Inspired by Malaka’s post I thought I would write a post for all those men who seem to think they must promise marriage/trick women into having sex with them. Here are my top 8 tips for heterosexual men who want to sleep with heterosexual/bisexual women. These tips work for me, hopefully they might work with […]

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An African City

            An African City, a Ghanaian version of world famous tv series; “sex and the city. I for one is excited a web series with such a title; is shot in Ghana and has predominantly a Ghanaian cast and crew. (Yes I’m patriotic like that). My excitement got me downloading, […]

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Do you wanna lick me?

“I’m sorry, what?” Tony asked. “Do you wanna lick me?” she said. The seat on the passenger’s side suddenly scooted backwards, startling the both of them. She gasped and laughed. She’d pulled the handle. “Emm…” Tony scratched the back of his neck. “It’s a simple question,” She repeated, wiggling out of her pants. They dropped […]

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If a Man Just Wants to Sleep With a Woman, How Should He Approach Her?

Naija Twirra is an excellent place to delve into the mind of and discover the true intentions of the “African male”. Nigerian men seem to be very open and unshy when it comes to expressing their more visceral desires. Yes, I know there is no such thing as the typical African male. What a man […]

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How Important Is It To Feel Desired?

Last night, a friend of mine FaceTimed me in a heap of tears. She had already informed me that we were going to “cry together” on the phone, but I didn’t take her seriously. Socially, she is a stoic sort of woman, almost to the point of being frigid; except in the bedroom. Between the […]

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‘Cranberry Juice’ by Guest Contributor Efua

Two minutes into my garden salad and glass of cranberry juice, I start feeling the itch on my thigh. Sigh, why are stretch marks this difficult to deal with?! I had tried some sesame oil and it seemed to be working. The tiger stripes looked less harsh and smoother than usual. And there was also […]

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‘Warm Porridge’ part 2 by Guest Contributor Efua

[Read part 1 by clicking here ] I lay on my side. I had yanked him off and rolled to my side feeling frustrated and deflated but mostly deflated. His lips came to the nape of my neck. He begun caressing and kneading in a way I couldn’t resist. My hair was held tightly in […]