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ATS: When Pasts Collide

ATS: A Soul for Sale

ATS: Close Calls Cont.

ATS: Close Calls

ATS: The Trial

ATS: A Full Woman

ATS: Fair Warning

ATS: The Value of Trust


LSD: Fat, Fluffy Things

Most things were still the same. Hot chocolate was still sweet, the kitchen floor was still cold to the touch of the soles of...

Forum game: So long a story

Hello guys, Inspector General of Forums reporting. Yes, you may call me Pastor Forum or Forum Police but only if you are a very naughty...

Guest Contributor Darian: Good Christian Girls Don’t Have Sex…

I am a virgin, always have been, and will hopefully (cross my fingers and pray fervently!) not always remain so. When I was growing...

How can you tell when a woman orgasms?

A few weeks ago one of the regular 'commenters' on this blog brought my attention to a particular conundrum. How can a man tell...
Women Tribbing

Magical Lesbian

Bilay took off her pants and left them rolled up. Normally, seeing that would have irritated Charlie but her eyes were otherwise occupied. “You like...