We think there is a serious lack of relevant and useful information about the sexuality of African women. This blog is a space for African women to share tips, experiences and more...
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Love your body as it is right now

Here’s a flattering picture I posted yesterday as my Facebook profile picture (at least I think it’s flattering) I like the picture above. I’m in silhouette (which is almost always flattering), and I’m deliberately doing what I think of as my Halle Berry run. Here’s a picture I did NOT post on my Facebook page […]

Church ruining your sex life?

  A woman being taken through an “intense” deliverance session   Hi Adventurers! I’m back with a bounce and the countdown to the launch of the ‘Sex and the Church’ blog series has began!  The series will basically be about my sexperiences in the churches I attended. By popular request, I’ll be sharing stories about […]

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Podcast: Nana Darkoa in conversation with Yewande Omotoso

My good friend and the fabulous writer Yewande Omotoso recently interviewed me for ‘Talking Heads‘ . We chatted about ‘Adventures’, sexualities, and the wave of homophobia/conservatism sweeping the continent. Listen to the podcast here and do share your thoughts below.    

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“Why does he keep sending you notes on exercise book paper? Doesn’t he have a cell phone?” “I don’t know…I’ve never asked him for his number.” Pomaa took a carefully folded piece of paper from a flip flop shod boy, gave him a sweet and sent him on his way. Frema sniffed in disapproval. This […]

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Ekuba Finally Outed ????!!!!!!!

  Hi guys, I have missed you all sooo much and I can’t wait to share with you all the sexciting things that have happened to me since I last blogged 🙂 Last night, I was delighted to discover that I have been nominated for the Ghana Social Media Awards and I am in the Best […]

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Vote for Adventures From to Win 2 Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards

Do you remember this moment from last year? Many of you voted for Adventures, and we picked up 2 awards at the first ever Ghana social media awards. This year we have been nominated in 2 categories. We have been nominated again for ‘Best Blog’, and 2 of our bloggers (Malaka Grant and Ekuba) have […]

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‘How to lick the lollipop’ by Guest Contributor VV

Anthony’s post on “How to Eat Pussy” really made my day when it came out because there are only two things I love more than getting eaten out. One of those two things is giving head.  Going down on a guy is one of my favourite things to do. There used to be a time […]

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It’s difficult to explain the rush of fluids within my system every time I look at Kwame. And those fluids? All so delicious and welcome. They say you do not need to be with everyone you fall in love with, to be glad you even found love in the first place-I agree. I do not […]

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‘Three doesn’t have to be a crowd’ by Guest Contributor Nubian Beauty

If I take a little bit of this May I have a little bit of that?   If she touches me here Surely I can touch you there?   And if you kiss her so Why would she tell me no?   If your moans are anything to go by Then I can’t help but […]

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Walking the Tight Rope: An African LGBTI Anthology

Call for Submissions in Prose and Photography Thanks to the high interest in the new African LGBTI Anthology and the engaging poems we received in our original call for submissions in poetry, we’ve decided to expand the focus of the anthology to include prose – more specifically short fiction and short (creative) lyric essays – […]