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Published on: 09 June 2014 by in Fiction
‘Sex in the Club’ by Guest Contributor Pam

When you own the club you do not really enjoy the night. So he watched. Motivation had just come on and he saw her, standing or really just dancing by herself, moving to Kelly Rowland’s motivation fluidly, swaying her ample hips to the rhythm. By herself. He moved to her slowly and asked ‘may i […]

Published on: 29 May 2014 by in General Issues
Listen to Nana Darkoa’s interview on BBC Focus on Africa

Akwasi Sarpong interviewed me for BBC Focus on Africa. If you missed the live broadcast earlier today you can listen again by clicking here  

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Watch a recording of Malaka and Nana Darkoa talking about Maya Angelou, Sex and African Women

I’m editing this post so that those who missed the livestream of yesterday’s google hangout know to watch the recording via this link Malaka and I talked about everything from Maya Angelou and what she taught us about sex and writing to our respective relationships, and answered questions that were sent in during the stream. […]

Published on: 26 May 2014 by in General Issues
Join me for a Twitter convo on Sex Etiquette

I’m excited to be participating in Adult Sex Education. On June 4th, from 7pm-8pm Nigeria Time (which will be 6pm-7pm in Ghana and 9pm-10pm in Kenya where I will actually be on that date) I will be facilitating a Twitter conversation via my handle @nas009 on everything related to sex and etiquette. If you do […]

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My latest piece for This is Africa includes… “I’m an African feminist so clearly any porn that I make would have to reflect that political standpoint. My relationship with porn has gone through many cycles. I don’t recall watching any ‘blue films’ (as we used to call porn in Ghana) during my teens. In my […]

Published on: 16 May 2014 by in Creative Non Fiction

“It’s NOT a relationship, we don’t relate. WE FUCK. Call it a fuckship if you want.” Marissa said as she tipped the glass to her lips and took a sip. “Girl, that’s a relation-ship, a fuck-ship… It’s a ship, I have no idea where its headed but Honey, you are in it.” Akisha said, and […]

Published on: 14 May 2014 by in General Issues, Relationships
Guest Contributor Adwoa: ‘Do you have unprotected sex?’

I have a friend (no, that’s not a euphemism for me, I’m actually talking about a friend) with whom I seem to keep having a reoccurring conversation.  Let me tell you about it.  My friend is an intelligent, articulate, assertive, ballsy woman who is knowledgeable about all things that pertain to sex and sexual health.  The conversation […]

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Chuma’s dilemma

Chuma lay in the dark and tried to stop his dick from rising. He tried – and failed – to stop his ears hearing his girlfriend Amanda disrobe.  First the tud tud of her cloth-covered buttons as they slid roughly out of the button holes. He could hear it slide over her shoulders, her arms and drop […]