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Published on: 04 February 2014 by in Lover of Her Sole, Series
LOHS: Blossoms Blown in the Garden City

The drive to Kumasi from Accra should have only taken four hours. It took Pomaa and Frema six. This is what happened every time Frema “fell in love”. She literally wanted to stop and smell life’s roses. Every few miles of the 200 mile journey, Frema would stop the car to ask traders, artisans and […]

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“Wooooooo!!!!!” Frema threw her hands in the air the moment she walked through the red upholstered doors at Club Aphrodisiac, shaking her hips and smiling at anyone who glanced her way. Pomaa rubbed her elbow and tried not to make her discomfort so apparent. Unlike Frema – who lived for the dance floor, any dance […]

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Blurred boundaries: Threesomes and friendships by Guest Contributor Ingrid

#1 I oil up, switching between the non-scented and scented. Don’t quite know what to do with myself So I write while you shower I lie here not sure if I can imagine you in there or not What do friends do when they’ve been playing around for a while Toying with the idea of a […]

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Why modern African women choose to be single

I had a bit of a Eureka moment a few days ago after reading a post written by Afua over at Rambling Roommates. I’ve said to her (and numerous other sisters who’ve sought my advise about seeking mates in Ghana) that there are no eligible men around. I’ve been saying this for years, and its […]

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You couldn’t miss her, standing there amid the crowd dressed in a sequined bustier and bright, white jeans and an even brighter smile. The crowd seemed to part as Pomaa made her way towards Frema’s statuesque frame at the back of the arrival hall at Kotoka International Airport. “Thank you for coming to get me,” […]

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Three is definitely not a crowd (Part 3)

[So by popular request here is part 3, and somehow this story has shaped up to be a multi part one, so if there is interest I’ll continue writing. Read part 2 here and part 1 here] Nnenna’s head was lying sideways on the pillow such that she faced me whilst her butt was high […]

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[View the story “Reconciling sex with our faith” on Storify]

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I remember Aisha by Guest Contributor African Wanderlust

I remember Aisha because I could never forget. The intense blackness from the Kohl that lit up the lids of her big brown eyes, her lashes long and curled that pulled me in deeper every time she blinked. Her soft brown henna’d hands that innocently touched mine as we walked together along dusty Kaduna roads. […]

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Can you imagine one of the questions we always get asked about Adventures? Why did you start this blog? Sigh. It’s a question that I’m personally tired of answering especially as it’s the first frickin post on this blog. *Exhale*. Anyway, Malaka has produced this super cool video for Adventures explaining why we do what […]

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The first month of Pomaa’s self-imposed exile was absolute. Ibadan society was not so varied that she could not bump into anyone who did not previously know of her wedding, or have some hand in it somehow. She was an event planner. Everyone from the mushroom seller to the staff at all the top hotels […]