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Published on: 01 January 2014 by in General Issues
Do Women Have Rape Fantasies?

  I am not sharing a sexual experience today because my poor self has had next to no sensual fun in the past several months. This is not a deliberate effort but an acute lack of opportunity with my type of stud. Sigh! My ‘Lolita’ is presently an angry pout. Yesterday while taking a stroll […]

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In a few days time Adventures will be 5 years old. Woohoo. 5 years of frank, heartwarming, emotional, distressing, erotic, challenging, difficult, fun conversations about African women and diverse sexualities. As the year ends I am reflecting on how best Adventures can serve our various readers, contributors, commenters and lurkers 🙂 So do me a […]

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Dear Adventurers, It’s with a heavy heart that I write to announce the death of my beloved granny. She passed away 4 days ago and she was 87 years old. When I hurriedly booked my flight back to Ghana a month and a half ago, I hardly knew that it was going to be the […]

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[This is a two part post. To read part one please click here] After a two year stint without reading romance novels, I borrowed two paperbacks from a friend. I set aside reading time and eagerly anticipated rekindling my unrequited love for romance novels. I opened the book and three chapters in – bupkiss. The […]

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Have a Merry Orgasmic Christmas

Who is cumming, kissing or loving today? Love, Nana Darkoa and Malaka  

Published on: 20 December 2013 by in Creative Non Fiction, General Issues

I love reading books. I have been reading since the age of four or five and I have been a book lover since. I’ve jokingly told family and friends that I gave my heart to books as a child and no man has been able to wrestle my heart away. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, mythology, […]

Published on: 18 December 2013 by in Creative Non Fiction
A Christmas story

Before I met Randy, I did not know I was a cannibal. He was the first – and maybe even the only – guy whose bottom I wanted to bite as soon as he presented it to me. Thinking about that tight (and as it turned out, lightly hairy) ass makes my mouth go all […]

Published on: 15 December 2013 by in Relationships
“I Don’t Do Couples” by Guest Contributor Eli Tetteh

“No man is an island,” or so we’re told. And yet, something about couples, that two-for-one unit we humans are so wedded to… something about it lends itself to isolation. Once folks pair up, they have a tendency to slowly (or rapidly, depending on the couple) unmoor themselves from the social pangea and drift out […]

Published on: 11 December 2013 by in Creative Non Fiction
In search of a mirena coil

“Look at the screen” Dr Brew said. I turned to my right and looked at the screen. I felt a sudden rush of excitement. “Look over here. Can you see that?” He pointed to an area on the screen that looked like an upside down triangle with rounder softer edges. “ That’s your womb. And […]

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I retreated to the gym as the health conscious person I try to be. After my run on the treadmill, I realized that it would be important to do some arm workout. Ooops, the weights were too light and the very same guy who had asked me how to operate his treadmill, offered to help […]