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Published on: 14 November 2013 by in General Issues, Heterosexual
Ask Adventures: How can I approach women?

Jack wrote: hi Nana. Got  some problem that i would like to seek your help and the blog readers help though mask my identity. So am 20 n my problem is in approaching women for  relationships. i have the courage to approach women but the problem comes in the conversation part. I am not sure […]

Published on: 12 November 2013 by in General Issues
Trotro Chronicles Part II: I Discovered Feminism by Guest Contributor Agyakoo

I know folks are going to be irritated by this brazen claim. But it is a true story. I did discover feminism. In fact, I discovered feminism in a trotro a year ago. And it wasn’t in a moment of calm contemplation, either: no! The discovery came in the midst of a loud argument in […]

Published on: 07 November 2013 by in General Issues

  I was trawling through the entertainment pages of a Ghanaian online news source and saw an interesting headline. I love when a woman slaps me – Captain Planet Ei. Why? I read on. Not to be confused with the green haired, silver skinned humanoid being who traversed the earth in the late 80’s and […]

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Are You A Rosebud Or A Rose-In-Bloom? asks Guest Contributor Kalya

I like flowers. They invoke feelings and thoughts of beauty and life; two aspects that wax and wane, not unlike the moon. I find floral prints quite charming but I’m pragmatic enough to acknowledge that too much may be overkill and just plain tacky. Anyway, don’t you find it amazing whenever flora resembles parts of […]

Published on: 04 November 2013 by in Creative Non Fiction

“I’d rather have no head than have a bad one.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Who was this man? In all my men dating history no man had ever uttered these words to me. “I love head. Don’t get me wrong. But because I do, I know what a good one feels like and I’d […]

Published on: 02 November 2013 by in General Issues, Gran

Yaw rushed to call the traditional birth attendants who quickly moved me into our bedroom and laid me on a mat with a big basin of water and cloth beside me. They put the towel on my forehead to cool me down as I was sweating bucket loads of perspiration. In Fante traditional custom, a […]

Published on: 30 October 2013 by in General Issues
An Adventures Google Hangout with Sankofa Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development (YAAPD)

On Monday evening, Malaka and I participated in a Google Hangout with members of the Sankofa Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development (YAAPD). In spite of the technical difficulties ( a really annoying echo on the line, and a not so great connection) we had fun interacting with the young women who participated. […]

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Almost Dead

I tried to commit suicide this year. I intentionally overdosed on pain medication and the last thing I remember before I passed out was the jarring pain in my stomach, the bitter taste in my mouth and the sensation of floating out of my body. As I stared down at my round body wearing an […]

Published on: 28 October 2013 by in Fiction
‘Dispatch from Rombesia’ by Guest Contributor Lace and Saffron

Eyes closed, swift shallow breaths, racing pulse. My body shuddered and I refused to move, allowing the pleasurable sensations to reverberate throughout my body – it felt good. He moved to withdraw from me then had a wicked change of heart and bumped his shaft against my still sensitive clitoris. I gasped and drew in […]

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‘Bisexual or Confused?’ by Guest Contributor Rakgadi

I am what a lot of people call bisexual, or am I?. I am eldest of three sisters and I have a big brother who is 6yrs older than me. Grew up such a loner, thought nobody understood me. I was always stuck in a corner somewhere with a book. By the time I was […]