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Published on: 03 July 2013 by in Fiction, LSD, Series

A heavily perspiring Fan Ice seller peddled enthusiastically up to “To God Be the Glory.” “Ice cream!” Cecilia squealed feverishly. “Bra. Come! God, it’s hot, isn’t it Lera?” The brawny  young seller mopped sweat off his face with a damp towels and politely asked Cecilia what she wanted. “Give me chocolate. And one strawberry yoghurt […]

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‘No fingers in my vagina please’, says Guest Contributor Chili

First he kisses you on the lips. If he is any good he places his lips on yours first then parts your lips and seeks your tongue with his tongue.  If you are any good you respond with equal gusto and input. While your lips are relishing each other’s and your tongues probing further,your hands […]

Published on: 30 June 2013 by in Creative Non Fiction

Bastard! These men think they can just call women and say whatever they want! Fool! Bastard! “Baby, I want to give us a try, once again…” God! She wished he had made that statement in person. She would have bitten off his lips. …His lips… Those full, delicious lips…. No! That fool! Shalewa was so […]

Published on: 28 June 2013 by in Relationships
Guest Contributor Ms K: Dear God, please help me keep my legs shut…

Hello Diary, Here we are, AGAIN!! I guess I should officially give up on relationships. I’m definitely terrible at choosing the proverbial ‘right kind of guy’. Mr. K. Boy oh boy. Has he turned out to be a nightmare!! So me sitting there wondering all the time if he had actually broken up with Miss […]

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Adventures on NPR’s “Tell Me More” Radio Program

This week Nana and I were invited to join Michel Martin, host of NPR’s Tell Me More for a follow up discussion on the blog and where it stands today. Our friend (and I use this word in the Facebook sense, meaning we’re ‘cyber acquainted’ but have never met and wouldn’t know each other of […]

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‘The Sexual Shenanigans of Ghanaians’ published on TIA…

“Sex in the world’s most religious country occurs in a context where in the ‘public’ domain conversations about sex are largely conservative, yet in the private sphere anything goes down. I have come across groups of young men watching pornography, yet no one openly acknowledges homoeroticism.” Some of my thoughts on ‘The Sexual Shenanigans of […]

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“Baby, can you tell them to make your hair straight this time?” “Hun, we’ve gone over this so many times. My hair just won’t DO that.” “It will if you get a qualified hairdresser instead of these ghetto Black girls you insist on patronizing! Let me take you to Vidal when we get back to […]

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Guest Contributor Lois Lagos says: I’m a Sexy Egomaniac – Lingerie Review, Diva Choice

I love lingerie, and sensual lingerie makes me feel even sexier. I have a growing collection of lingerie I love, a bit like my collection of shoes so when the opportunity to review the Egomania one piece came up I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t wait to try it on, and how delightful it […]

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In three swift moves, Paul gave the bellhop a £5.00 note, all but pushed him out of the door and scooped Lera up in the rock hard bicep of his left arm. This is the way it was with Paul. He took whatever he wanted. It was a characteristic that Lera both hated and admired […]

Published on: 22 June 2013 by in Relationships

My boyfriend and I toy around with the idea of a threesome. When we’re liquored up and lying languidly in bed after watching a film, the words come out that much more easily in between self-conscious giggles and the biting of bottom lips to keep from the giggling. It also helps that it’s usually dark […]