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Someone was pounding on the door. Ewurade*, why wouldn’t they stop? It was like a thunderstorm shaking a small forest. Why so vicious? Just stop it already! “Pomaa! Pomaa, open the door now!” Silence. “Pomaa, we know you are in there. The watchman told us so. Open the door, Pomaa!” Creak… “Oh my God, Pomaa! […]

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‘Shall I remain a virgin?’ asks guest contributor Eleanor T.K.

Till this day I can hold a book (whether novel or guide) or a movie (be it a romantic comedy or those XXX demos) as responsible for most of what I know on the topic of sex.  Over the years I may have gleaned more from my friends experiences but most of them just went […]

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Please answer our poll on ‘Are you a person of faith’?

If you scroll down the main Adventures home page, on the right hand side you will come across our latest poll. We want to know if you are a person of faith. It will literally take you less than a minute to complete this poll so please do so… Thank you.

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The Precious

Are you ready? Yes. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Good. Don’t be late. I’m anxious to see you. Meet me in the center of the gardens. Me too. See you soon!   Pomaa’s heart rammed against her ribcage as she slipped her phone back into her purse. After three years, even a simple text […]

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Lover of Her Sole: A Ghanaian Cinderella Story

One did not walk into Butterflae Brides Boutique without possession of three things: 1) generous budget, 2) a clear idea of what kind of gown one wanted, and 3) a firm wedding date.  Madame Okoye did not have time for “interested” brides, only serious ones. This is what made Pomaa’s final visit to her soon-to-be […]

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Straight Girls, Sex and Curiosity by Guest Contributor Kagure Mugo

I had always found women intriguing. I did not necessarily see it as a sexual , more like a sense of admiration for everything they were. I was drawn in to how strong they were, how soft at the same time. They were beautiful, wise whilst still sometimes being so hopeful to the point of […]

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There was a robust debate out there on the Twittersphere yesterday, and it all stemmed from a simple Facebook status published by BBC’s Komla Dumor: Is it harder for a highly educated African woman to find a date? We have a story from Egypt. African men are you intimidated by an educated woman? Focus on […]

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Sorry Mr/ Ms. Bigot! Homosexuality is VERY African

PART TWO Fanny-Ann Eddy (pictured above)was a Sierra Leonean lesbian & gay rights activist who was brutally raped & murdered after bigots bayed for her blood.  Her story is similar to that of other African gay rights activists like Eric Lembembe (Cameroon) who was murdered after his feet were broken & his arms & feet […]

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Sorry Mr/ Ms. Bigot! Homosexuality is VERY African

  PART ONE [Dedicated to commentator MSA. Hope you read this & change your mind; otherwise, let’s agree to disagree 🙂 ] Yesterday, my favorite Ghanaian bigot said something that gave me comic relief for the week & I’m really grateful to him for that. Rev. Prof. Martey, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of […]

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Do Women Have Rape Fantasies?

  I am not sharing a sexual experience today because my poor self has had next to no sensual fun in the past several months. This is not a deliberate effort but an acute lack of opportunity with my type of stud. Sigh! My ‘Lolita’ is presently an angry pout. Yesterday while taking a stroll […]