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Published on: 08 July 2013 by in Fiction, Series, Sexy Times with Nnenna Marcia
Sexy Times with Nnenna Marcia: Rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning

I am not sure how I hadn’t looked around the first time I arrived; maybe I was too excited at seeing Greg again, but I remembered making an offhand remark about being introduced to his roommate. Now I really looked and I really saw. The drive from the gate to the front door lined with […]

Published on: 07 July 2013 by in Fiction, LSD, Series

The moon was just beginning to wane from the night sky when Khalid gently shook Lera awake. Hers had been a deep, blissful sleep – a fantasy that shielded her from the reality that was hurtling towards her. “Baby, we have to get back into town,” Khalid whispered softly. “It’s time to go.” Lerato groaned […]

Published on: 06 July 2013 by in Series, Sexy Times with Nnenna Marcia
Sexy Times with Nnenna Marcia: Storm clouds a-gathering.

My mother came in while I was packing. She watched me a while, fingering the stacks of clothing folded neatly on the floor. “You are not packing these?” she asked after a while. “No, mummy. You can give those away if you want,” I said. She nodded. “I can think of a few people,” she […]

Published on: 05 July 2013 by in Heterosexual, Relationships
‘Three is a party…’ says Guest Contributor Zanze Rose

I thrust into my wife one more time and felt her muscles tightening and spasming as she came the second time that afternoon. Her knees gave out underneath her and as she lay there flat on her tummy, skin glistening with the light sheen, muscles twitching, I could see the pink of her pussy clenching. […]

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MY BOOK IS HERE! ‘Physically, Yours’ by Nnenna

Hello fellow Adventurers! Ah, Summer: Sunshine, laughter, barbecues and holiday romances. What’s this you say? Why, it’s only my very first romance book in a bright, sunshiny yellow  bang on for the joyous butterflies of summer love – or for ever after, if that is your bag. That’s right people, ‘Physically, Yours’ is available to […]

Published on: 04 July 2013 by in Fiction, LSD, Series

“Lerato Miriam Gqukani. Do you remember when you introduced yourself to your mates in class five?” “Yes – but I still don’t know why you were there. You were a year ahead of me.” “I was the head boy, remember? Your teacher called me to watch over his class while he went to the headmaster’s […]

Published on: 03 July 2013 by in Fiction, LSD, Series

A heavily perspiring Fan Ice seller peddled enthusiastically up to “To God Be the Glory.” “Ice cream!” Cecilia squealed feverishly. “Bra. Come! God, it’s hot, isn’t it Lera?” The brawny  young seller mopped sweat off his face with a damp towels and politely asked Cecilia what she wanted. “Give me chocolate. And one strawberry yoghurt […]

Published on: 03 July 2013 by in General Issues
‘No fingers in my vagina please’, says Guest Contributor Chili

First he kisses you on the lips. If he is any good he places his lips on yours first then parts your lips and seeks your tongue with his tongue.  If you are any good you respond with equal gusto and input. While your lips are relishing each other’s and your tongues probing further,your hands […]

Published on: 30 June 2013 by in Creative Non Fiction

Bastard! These men think they can just call women and say whatever they want! Fool! Bastard! “Baby, I want to give us a try, once again…” God! She wished he had made that statement in person. She would have bitten off his lips. …His lips… Those full, delicious lips…. No! That fool! Shalewa was so […]

Published on: 28 June 2013 by in Relationships
Guest Contributor Ms K: Dear God, please help me keep my legs shut…

Hello Diary, Here we are, AGAIN!! I guess I should officially give up on relationships. I’m definitely terrible at choosing the proverbial ‘right kind of guy’. Mr. K. Boy oh boy. Has he turned out to be a nightmare!! So me sitting there wondering all the time if he had actually broken up with Miss […]