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Published on: 28 March 2014 by in Lover of Her Sole, Series
LOHS: Sweet Betrayal

  The scent of something sweet hung in the air and hugged her senses. Was that nutmeg? It was hard to tell. There were so many pleasant aromas jousting for dominance in the room that it was impossible to ignore them any further. Pomaa inhaled deeply, stretched her lithe, dark limbs, rubbed her temples and […]

Published on: 27 March 2014 by in Fiction, Lover of Her Sole, Series
LOHS: But I WANT you to poke me!

Frema picked at her plate and sighed, occasionally shooting Pomaa crestfallen glances through glassy eyes. The last time Pomaa had seen Frema this disconsolate was when Shabba Ranks had come to Ghana and Auntie Sinticlaire forbade her from going to the concert. When Frema refused to touch her Fever – a cocktail of akpeteshie, bissap […]

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‘The God of Sex’ by Guest Contributor Voluptuous Voltarian

  The comedian, Katt Williams, has this silly joke in one of his stand-up specials where he says that he doesn’t understand people who don’t believe in God because he doesn’t know who they call when they cum, and, after all, if fucking cannot include a few exclamations of “Oh my God!” or “Oh Lord […]

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March 28th is fast approaching! Why do we care? Because that is the day voting closes on the Ghana Social Media Awards. We thought we would do something a little special and give our fellow Adventurers some video encouragement and urge you to click that “vote” button. Exercise your rights, laugh small and lets relive […]

Published on: 20 March 2014 by in Creative Non Fiction
Heartbreak’s Hoary Story

Why had he come back? Why the fuck had he come back? He’d come and left again, just as he’d done twelve years before. My heart should have been ready for this. It should have been toughened by the wounding his first departure had inflicted on me…but somehow it wasn’t. Somehow, I’d let him back […]

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Love your body as it is right now

Here’s a flattering picture I posted yesterday as my Facebook profile picture (at least I think it’s flattering) I like the picture above. I’m in silhouette (which is almost always flattering), and I’m deliberately doing what I think of as my Halle Berry run. Here’s a picture I did NOT post on my Facebook page […]

Church ruining your sex life?

  A woman being taken through an “intense” deliverance session   Hi Adventurers! I’m back with a bounce and the countdown to the launch of the ‘Sex and the Church’ blog series has began!  The series will basically be about my sexperiences in the churches I attended. By popular request, I’ll be sharing stories about […]

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Podcast: Nana Darkoa in conversation with Yewande Omotoso

My good friend and the fabulous writer Yewande Omotoso recently interviewed me for ‘Talking Heads‘ . We chatted about ‘Adventures’, sexualities, and the wave of homophobia/conservatism sweeping the continent. Listen to the podcast here and do share your thoughts below.    

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“Why does he keep sending you notes on exercise book paper? Doesn’t he have a cell phone?” “I don’t know…I’ve never asked him for his number.” Pomaa took a carefully folded piece of paper from a flip flop shod boy, gave him a sweet and sent him on his way. Frema sniffed in disapproval. This […]

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Ekuba Finally Outed ????!!!!!!!

  Hi guys, I have missed you all sooo much and I can’t wait to share with you all the sexciting things that have happened to me since I last blogged 🙂 Last night, I was delighted to discover that I have been nominated for the Ghana Social Media Awards and I am in the Best […]