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Published on: 17 August 2013 by in General Issues
The politics of taking ‘selfies’ and books on sex, sexuality and desire
Saturday, August 17th, 2013

My first effort at a 'sexy and intellectual' selfie My friends and I have been talking about 'selfies', and discussing whether they play into mainstream pornographic framing of what sexiness is. Or whether selfies can be a radical act of portraying bodies that are usually not the kind of bodies we see portrayed as beautiful in mainstream media i.e. skinny, white/light skinned, able bodied, heteronormative (I'm sure you can add to this list). ...  [Read more]

Published on: 03 March 2011 by in General Issues, Heterosexual
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I've never done this before! This being posting just a link on 'Adventures', BUT this link is to an article by bell hooks. bell hooks is the reason why I'm a feminist and so when my friend sent me a link to an article she had written on 'Penis Passion ', I just had to share. It'll be good to hear your ...  [Read more]

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