A link to bell hooks article on “Penis Passion “

I’ve never done this before! This being posting just a link on ‘Adventures’, BUT this link is to an article by bell hooks. bell hooks is the reason why I’m a feminist and so when my friend sent me a link to an article she had written on ‘Penis Passion ‘, I just had to share.

It’ll be good to hear your thoughts…

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  • I love a woman that writes matter of factly about this intimate (and personal) subject for men. “I believe we still need to see more visual images of the penis in everyday life” I love it! Show me your penis! I wish I was a fly on the wall for that scene. Would have loved to see his expressions. hahahaha!

  • Thank you Nana for posting that very thought provoking piece. I only recently began to seriously examine the ideas of bell hooks although I had heard of her for some time

    She raised a very important point, in the phallocentric societies we live in, how do we learn to revel in the penis, like how we should be revelling in the vulva, in a way that does not bolster patricentric ideals of the penis as a weapon vanquishing the “contaminating” sex of women. I think a lot will have to draw from the narratives more commonly found in female-written romances that conjure up more of the sensual images of eroticism. Narratives and descriptions that leads one to draw sensual satisfaction from the whole experience rather than the immediate penetrative act itself

  • @ Corey – Hmmm, drawing on romances written by women, that’s definitely an innovative idea. When I was reading the piece I was thinking how easy it is to fall into the trap of valorising the penis in an attempt to be sexy 🙂

  • Did anyone spot the difference between the before and after? 🙂

  • i did… but then again i’m slightly manic about these things 🙂

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