Do Opposites Attract?

I’m quite judgemental, I make up my mind about people fairly early on. I know almost from the minute I meet a guy whether I’m attracted to him or not. There are some people that you become attracted to the more you hang out with them. Of course there are also other people that you become less attracted to the more you hang out with them.

I have a weakness for guys who do their own thing – men who are entrepreneurial, the kind that you know will make it some day – I don’t think those type of men are attracted to me. I think they prefer more “homely” and traditional women, women who will cook the bacon when they bring it home, not a woman who wants to bring the bacon home herself.

I can see how opposites attract but surely going for similarities makes more sense. What are your thoughts?

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  • Ah Nana! I believe opposites attract .
    Y? Maybe ‘cos of the law of magnetism – like repel, unlike attract.

    >Short guys are attracted to tall girls and vice versa
    >Reserved or shy people are attracted to outgoing ones
    >Proud people are attracted to humble ones etc…

    But i agree with you that going for similarities makes more sense. Take me for instance, i enjoy “good sex” and by “good” i mean the type where both partners actively participate, not the type where one person literally lies back whiles the other does all the work.

    The reason most similarities don’t work out is ‘cos people refuse to compromise – i learnt that the hard way.

  • Opposite attraction? that doesnt always work for me. I only know I love lively people, cause though outwardly I sound and act it, deep inside I dont mind loafing about indoors reading a book or something. So I dont mind being with someone who gets me outta that shell. Oh, white and black do look good together ;).
    Apart from that, I think we are similar, In that within 30mins of talking to a guy I can ascertain tht he is dateable material, friend4life material, acquitance material or stalker to be!

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