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Hello guys,

Inspector General of Forums reporting. Yes, you may call me Pastor Forum or Forum Police but only if you are a very naughty boy or girl and are in dire need of a spanking. He he!

Now, I have started a likkle gyame (Jamaican accent, buoy!) in the Jokes section of the forums titled ‘So Long a Story’. Here is the link to the correct pages. And here are the rules:


You can construct ONE (and I mean ONE) sentence, long or short to move this story along. Whoever writes the next sentence after that has to adhere to at least one of the components of your own sentence. For instance, If I say ‘The man ate the guava and immediately the seeds started to germinate in his stomach’, the next person can say something like: “I wonder what that leaf is doing sticking out of my bottom,” he wondered, stroking the waxy foliage.

The next sentence can also be totally wild like and crazy ‘Just then, a space ship beamed him up, guava seeds and all.’

Any new characters introduced must have something to do with whoever has been mentioned, so using the above example of the man again, you could say: “What the hell?” screamed his wife, bursting into the room.

These are just examples.

The aim is to let loose and see what wild and crazy things we can come up with. There is total freedom – within the confines of the framework of course. (Of course what you do is up to you. He could turn into a lion Nollywood style or break into song and dance. Your world, your rules.)

Now, I shall start.


To see the first sentence in what promises to be a potentially never-ending, roller-coaster ride, just follow the link above. The aim of this exercise – in addition to the reasons listed above – is to draw in you lurkers, people who would normally not comment because they fear being asked to commit to more than one sentence or those of you who are already established writers but feel shy to write on Adventures or even newbies who will like to try their hand at it. It is for everyone! (Not just Malaka or Ekuba or AM or Abena or Nana or Kofi or the other Kofi or Saffron or Geri or Shane or Mike or Cory).

If you want me to notice you too, oya write your one sentence! One sentence is not even up to 50 seconds of your time so do try it.



Inspector General of Forums, over and out.


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