Extreme Fetishes?


I was sitting at the airport,jittery. Trying to reach customer care on my phone; bunch of c#%zies wouldn’t pick.
My book wasn’t helping keep me busy. Then these two young men next to me, an American and a Nigerian (from their accents).
They had been speaking a while but it got more argumentative.

Nigerian: “hold on, don’t tell me boys intend to be eating their girls out during their periods! That’s just nasty! Real nasty! Somebody needs to stop them!”
O, prick, prick! Went my ears! I was alert and listening.
American chuckles: “too late bruh! I am gay so I don’t eat women naturally but many of the boys, they do!”
Nigerian: “wow! I mean how? It’s okay to fuck her during her period but eat her out? Through all that? That’s forbidden!”
I smile and look straight ahead.
No. No way I would let them know I was listening. Ha!
American: “Brother, when it comes to sex between two people, nothing is forbidden”
That line set me thinking.

Nothing is forbidden.

So adventurers, has any of you been eaten during your period ever?
Do you have a problem with period sex? I don’t but I just cannot let anyone else share my period moment with me. I consider it my moment. So sex, I won’t do, it’s not nasty but it’s so uncomfortable?
Then I remembered my ex used to want to go down on ne during my period. He said it would be special for him. A sort of bond of him having drank my blood.
It was new to me so I was scared shitless. Initially I thought I had ended up with a closet vampire. Haha!
But he insisted numerous times. Yes, he wanted to drink my period blood!
He also wanted me to pee on him.
I suppose the pee part is common? Because my sister mentioned a similar encounter with someone.
Dude wants to lay in the bathtub and have me stand over him and pee on him. Didn’t that also happen in sex and the city? I remember something vague like that.
But yea, for me, whatever hurts neither of you is okay during sex. As long as it satisfies you.
Who else? Extremes? I want to know.

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  • Oh I have stories of the BOTH of the aforementioned. But I won’t gist those now. I would like to talk instead about scat. Someone I know said I guy got almost violent with her when she wouldn’t shit on him during sex. She said in the end her fear-constricted rectum managed a fart. That made him come anyway before she legged it out of there.

    • Voluptuous Voltarian

      ROTFLMAO. I can’t breathe. Poor chick. What pressure! I keep imagining her grimacing and squeezing and straining only to produce a measly little fart. Can you imagine the sense of failure? lol. Only to realize that the guy has come like a gangbuster from just that little effort? But not being able to feel triumphant or sexy because you are already so freaked out by this guy’s behavior? Hahahahahahaha. I can’t breathe. I am dying.

  • Baaahahaha! You killed me. What? Shit? What if I am not feeling shitty? By force? Poor woman, I can imagine her running out! I thought I had seen the worse but shit? Unbelievable.
    and please! Share, share yours!

  • There was this guy I dated briefly…and he knew I had a ‘fear of having sex during my period’ (caused mainly by how my first lover freaked out after my period started after one particular episode), so one time we were at the beach, I had a tampon on (it was also coming to the end of my period), he laid me down, wiped my clit and went down on me but only focusing on my clit. I had the most amazing orgasm ever!!! In terms of pleasurable sexual experiences that is definitely in my top 5. I think being on my period also meant there were more hormones coursing through my body and so the feeling was intense. I would be cool with repeating that experience but I wouldn’t want someone going down on me and sucking on my menstrual blood. That just feels like some vampire ish shit to me. And no peeing or pooing either. No way.

  • You know ironically I am horniest during my period. But I just cannot think up a human beings mouth down there. Mainly I feed my hormones with a lot of chocolate during that period.
    The peeing was uncomfortable but between that and my blood, of course I would rather pee!

  • All this is making me imagine a new vampire series complete with blood sucking, shit dropping undead folk in capes.


  • Hihi! Maybe that should be your new series. Vampire lovers!

  • Hahaha…. this man wanted shit all over him. I almost choked on my wine.
    It’s fantastic to know that some black men don’t fear menstrual blood. I would have no issue with sex during my periods BUT him sucking my blood.. hayi no

  • I can’t believe I dropped in today after such a long time away and this is what I see. I have missed you people o.

    • Me too, Nnenna, came back today, guiltily, having abandoned my quest to be most frequent commenter, and wahoo chekitout.. 😀

  • We have missed you too Nnenna!!
    Rousing welcome right?

    Nandi, I am still digesting the shit part myself. It’s a hard one. I think Nnenna is right. She just needs a laxative before they start. That is if she is comfortable with doing it!

  • Voluptuous Voltarian

    I am horniest during my period and have terrible cramps which sex actually really helps so I love to get fucked during my period. My first long-term partner was very cool with it and would even pull my tampon out himself and put it aside so he could fuck me. I don’t know why but something about that was soo sexy to me. The first time he did it I even said something like “Jesus, you’re such a feminist dude. That is so progressive.” (He was) He winked at me and said “Maybe i’m just a dude who needs an open vagina” and then he shoved his dick inside and made me come like whoa. I think there’s something about getting super wet when you have a tampon in and your pussy throbbing around it and soaking it so by the time you take it out it slides out like a skinny dick that makes me get like halfway there before the sex even starts.

    My most recent boyfriend was very anti-period sex. At least before we started dating that’s what he said. He had this thing in twi that he would say “Twini wor hor ah y3n bor nky3n” and he would always be like “Wey period sex too. What aaah can’t wait for a few days” but I guess that is when he hadn’t had a taste yet. Once he did he didn’t care if I was on my period or not and even though he said he was squeamish about blood he just didn’t care (and i’m a really heavy bleeder). We would just put a towel on the bed and fuck. Every position. Afterwards there’d be blood all over his dick and pelvis and all over my pussy and thighs and I would get a wet face towel and wipe us both off and he would be soo nonchalant about it. One day I was like “I thought you were sooo anti-period sex, what happened?” and he was just like “Yeah I didn’t know what i was talking about. I hadn’t fucked you yet so I didn’t know it was addictive.” Lol

    I love period sex and I’ve stopped being squeamish about the cleanup. The only thing is that sometimes after the explosive orgasm when you just want to lie down and cuddle you have to worry about practical matters like the tampon (sometimes when you pull the tampon out in the heat of the moment you aren’t too careful in the wrapping or the disposal process. So after the sex, in the middle of your afterglow, you have to go find the tampon and properly dispose of it lol), the towel on the bed, the cleanup towel, washing off and putting another tampon in etc.

    • Ohhhhhh sounds like waaaayyyyy too much work for me cos I’m a super heavy bleeder too. But wait, we could do it in the shower, or in the sea and woohoo clean up issues solved 🙂

      • Voluptuous Voltarian

        you could, i guess. but i personally hate sea sex cos salt and sand get in your junk and it hurts and burns. i hate sex in a shower unless it’s going to continue when we get out (i can’t get into the positions i need to come in the shower). and i particularly hate having sex with water running cos the water pools between your bodies and then gets pushed into your pussy when the guy thrusts and there is nothing i hate more than the feel of water on a guy’s dick when it’s going inside me. it seems to dilute the natural silkiness of my pussy juice and cause this weird friction

        so yeah sexing in any waterbody is out for me. we’ll have to do it on land and then move to the shower

  • Dang! VV! Hats off to you. I doubt anyone has had banging period sex like yours. You make me want to try all positions

    • Voluptuous Voltarian

      I’m sure moooooooore people have. Folks just keep it on the DL cos there’s a bit of a stigma about period sex. Being on top or being curled into a C-shape while the guy kneels and fucks me all feel amazing when i’m on my period. My pussy, my clit, everything, all seem to be bigger and deliciously swollen. I get so wet the bleeding stops for a while

  • An ex of mine told me that he got turned off from period sex (with his ex) due to the smell of the blood. I Don’t think blood has a bad smell unless one hasn’t changed their pad.
    If I may ask a question; where are these opened minded black men to be found. The kind of sexual intimacy that I want seems to dream at this stage.
    You have some men who have no issues with having numerous partners but deem our sex organs as the dirtiest things around. Oral sex, for some, is a one way round of receiving and never giving. We have lost our way re sex…. we are living in an age where sex/sexuality is confused with nudes and seeing how many positions 1 can crank out in a sex session. Aarggg… excuse my rant but dammit; I am in need of that sexual alliance partner who will understand that the bedroom is a place of discovery and enlightened sexual experiences

  • BtW… I reside in Johannesburg; South Africa

    • Voluptuous Voltarian

      Nandi, I think these enlightened and adventurous guys exist in all spheres and circles in Africa. They are just hard to spot off the bat because a lot of the time they aren’t open about their openness. They’ve had experiences in their past where they’ve dated women who weren’t as open and have been treated like freaks so they keep their predilections to themselves and try to tailor their desires to their audiences. I think getting an adventurous partner who is open and interesting is dependent on you yourself also showing a little bit of vulnerability and stating that that is what you want.

      Cos what i’ve seen with a lot of African guys is that they are pretty partner-specific with their quirks and they will assume you are conservative and anti-experimentation and openness until YOU tell them so.

      So if I had never brought up the period sex and let him know that I was open to it I don’t think he would ever have brought it up cos he thought it was something he wouldn’t be into. Why did he think that? Because he had never done it before because none of the nine women he had slept with before me had been interested in it. So the whole thing is kind of like a feedback loop where inhibitedness begets more inhibitedness and then everyone is doing the most conservative things in bed cos they don’t want to be judged

  • That’s another problem for me! Cleaning up! But the towel idea sounds good. I don’t want to make a move and have blood spraying in places.
    and there is definitely no smell if you are changing your pad/tampon every few hours.

  • I think so too VV. People are afraid they will get judged especially when you cannot predict a partners reaction to a new suggestion. So everyone just stays their comfort zones and nobody ever knows.

  • I was once eaten during my period. I had my panty on – he just pushed it down a bit and did it. It was wonderful! The sensations, aii!
    Another time I had period sex with Durex condom. Afterwards I itched like crazy. I thought maybe the guy gave me an STD or something. It turned out he hadn’t. It’s still a mystery. Maybe the combination of blood and condom caused an allergic reaction.
    I like it when a man goes down on me then emerges with his lips all sleek like he’s been munching on fatty game meat. Now the thought of him emerging with blood dripping from his mouth is really turning me on…

  • Wow !!! U girls are just a bunch of free minded freaks…Just the kind of people I like.
    Kayla’s comments cracked me up ! “I like it when a man goes down on me then emerges with his lips all sleek like he’s been munching on fatty game meat. Now the thought of him emerging with blood dripping from his mouth is really turning me on… “”””
    I have never had any issues having sex when a woman is on her period but I’ll pass up on the Dracula blood dripping from the mouth bit.
    Hello Everyone !
    I am Bula Matali

  • Bula Matali: Glad I made you laugh!

  • This post is still killing me after all this time!

  • My previous partner was not too squeamish about the blood but i was and if he really wanted to have sex he would have to wait until the third or fourth day when it was more like trickles left. Now that i am willing to explore some more, i get a partner who will pause whule in heat of the moment so as to wipe off the sweat, i don’t even know where to start when suggesting we do it on my period. Shit and urine are a no for me.

  • Period sex depends on the two. Have had a few and it wasnt bad but with condoms though. Hmm this sweat thing .. I sweat too but not alot though lool

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