‘Warm Porridge’ part 2 by Guest Contributor Efua

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I lay on my side. I had yanked him off and rolled to my side feeling frustrated and deflated but mostly deflated. His lips came to the nape of my neck. He begun caressing and kneading in a way I couldn’t resist. My hair was held tightly in a bun leaving him all the skin behind my neck and upper back to play with. In between kisses, I heard him breathe about how good I smelt. ‘Of course, what did you think? I came prepared for a good night and you just messed it all up’ I rolled my eyes and made no effort to reciprocate his make up kisses. What was the meaning of all this?? What’s the meaning of this mess?! Was this some kind of a test?! Is this going to be another walk down the same path? I was growing impatient, yet the kneading grew intense. It was the strangest and most delicious feeling ever. It was also uncomfortable in a way one didn’t want to entirely avoid. The feeling reminded me of the barbering salon and how the shaving machine buzzed down the nape of my neck when the barber was trying to get the perfect back cut. The buzzing and tingling of the edge of the blade gave this prickly feeling in my hip that kept me dancing in the chair. That was the same sensation I felt in this very moment as he nuzzled away. I found myself unconsciously wiggling and holding his head against my neck. The leech’s grip was fast and ticklish but I still wanted him there. His eyes were shut and his face very determined. He had begun touching himself. Ewwww… had he slathered his juices up and down his length or the sheets had swiped him clean? Had he squeezed some lube or was that all natural? My questioning mind wandered as I shifted from my side and realized that I now lay looking up at him again. The same position that left me disappointed earlier. ‘What do you want to do? Decide now or never.’ I told myself. My mind told me I was supposed to be put off by the earlier event but my slutty self still made me want to stay back and see what else he had to offer. I had begun feeling that tension building up in my pelvic region. That tension that left me feeling as if something in there was opening and closing and giving this delightfully bubbly sensation that I didn’t want to go away. The feeling brought to mind a picturesque view of the incessant opening and closing of a hen’s bum and made me burst out laughing. He was visibly shaken. He asked if I was okay, and feeling too embarrassed to admit what I had thought of, I defensively told him I was leaving. He pinned me down promptly and whispered dangerously into my ear about what a great time I would have if only I’d stay. Then as if to fulfill his promise, he went on to my breasts and without taking his eyes off my face, he gave my left nipple a long pinch while tugging at it. He covered my B cup entirely in his palm and begun flicking his tongue on it. I let out a sigh as I held his head in place. He seemed to be blowing some air on my nipple in between the flicking. Sweet Jesus! My legs flew up and curled themselves around him. He readjusted in my leg embrace and slipped a finger inside me. He had such long and soft useful fingers! He did that ‘come here’ motion as he sucked on my lady parts. My tight bun had gotten messy by this time but really who cared?! There were lipstick stains on his pillows and accelerated puffs in his sheets. There was no conversation but we both knew what to do. The more aroused I became, the wetter I got as drip after drip of liquid filled his mouth. ‘You taste and smell so good’ he said again as he reached out for my nipple. The nipple I thought could turn into a ball point pen if dipped into ink! I was burning and all he was doing was finger fucking me. The man had two fingers up in me. He knew exactly what he was doing because I never for once felt uneasy or dry. This went on for minutes on end. I was swollen within and without and restless from over arousal. ‘Tell me you want me!’ he mouthed. ‘ I do! ‘ I squealed. I did! I actually did and that’s all I wanted in the moment, nothing else. He slammed into me. A couple of thrusts and both our worlds exploded in a warm blast.
Was I coming back for more? Fuck yeah! I could deal with this warm porridge, it wasn’t that bad after all.
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  • Efua — I burst out laughing at the “…incessant opening and closing of a hen’s bum.” I witnessed that a couple of times as a (curious) child because we reared “free range” chickens aka village chickens in our yard – my mom’s prized possessions. However, I haven’t accessed those memories in years! But reading about the contractions of a chicken’s bum in the midst of a sexy piece – good one. Thanks for the laughter.

  • Ha! Glad to have made you laugh! Childhood memories are everything! Thanks for commenting saffron&lace

  • At least he gets you there and knows how to use his hands, fingers and tongue……. very important! Lol!

  • Yaaasss! he finally redeemed himself… warm porridge di3r no way!

  • Tofiakwa to warm porridge lol

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