‘Loving Him’ by Guest Contributor Grace

He looked up at me – ohhhhhhh my – those sexy eyes, the most angelic and dazzling smile I had ever seen on any face. He was tall, muscular and with features well designed like his body had been sculptured by some higher power unbeknown to me. I asked him for his name and he blushed before he told me he was Mudiwa. I had been told about Mudiwa, that he was the assistant instructor but nothing I had heard prepared me for this warrior. Well, I was hooked.


Have you ever been in a space where you want to explore the world with someone and the more you think of it, the more you know it is beyond your reach and that even makes you want it even much more. I just needed to get his number, I had to talk to him and gauge for myself whether this was “pleasure material”. So I googled and searched but all this did not help. Then, I asked a colleague and they gave me the cell contact – how to begin the convo now, eish it was hectic. It took me a whole week to gather the courage to strike a conversation. Finally I asked – come see me please. It was affirmative – yaaaaaay. I had to wait until morning but I tell you that was one of the longest nights of my whole entire life.


When I received the sms to say he was by my door, I almost fainted with excitement but I was also nervous. What the hell was I doing? Was I loose? Was this sinful? How was I going to respond? It all felt so awkward for me in my head and that is because as women we are socialized a certain way that makes us question our own sexuality(ies). I managed to put all those voices aside from my mind as I have become accustomed to do, my aunt, my Christian school system and finally told Mudiwa on entering that I was so scared. All he did was strip off all his clothes and hold me. He did not do anything, just held me and talked to me. Awwwww what a man. After a few minutes he started to gently stroke my hair and kiss it a little bit. I felt so relaxed, it was like I had been given a tranquilizer and wanted to drift to lalaland where all my passions and pleasures would be met. I turned around and we started kissing – that tongue was the best I had ever had. He was slow, gentle and passionate. He tasted very delicious and smelt like a bed of roses, oh so very sweet. He gently lingered on my face alternating tongue twisting and butterfly kisses on my face. Slowly he started tracing my chin with gentle kisses and down my neck where he lingered once again whilst sucking and pulling with an effect that left my vagina pulsating, screaming for more and my nipples hungry for his tongue. By the time he started sucking my nipples, I was so lost in pleasure I swear I was dizzy, warm, confused and losing it at the same time. As he reached my clit, my body exploded into a million pieces of pleasure as I softly whispered his name to affirm him and his ability to take me to the world I was dying to go to. He slowly got up, kissed me and slowly thrust deep into my vagina and on the third thrust we both held on tight to each other as we experienced a fully body orgasm that has marked our love making ever since that day.


I have never stopped feeling his love and I am glad I took the bold step to be pleasured and explore possibilities of love.

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